Retain other people’s copyright will also bring traffic


reason is very simple, in your website reprint other articles, retain other people’s copyright address, if this article was Baidu included later. External links copyright the author will see their situation website enter their website address often at Baidu (I think most of the webmaster have this habit), nature will see his website on your website, it is natural to look inside. This is a IP

coming in!

, an article, a webmaster, so what if your website has one hundred articles? Five hundred? Well, one thousand? The reason is obvious. Figure one point, for example: read more

Small business steamed stuffed bun shop feasible


small investment projects in the field of food and beverage, which is actually a very practical business projects, to see how we are to create a successful bun shop.

1. market outlook

read more

What are the conditions of Wuhan Cai Lin



must love to eat Wuhan hot and dry noodles people many people don’t know Cai Linji! Cai Lin Ji is hot and dry noodles brand big brother. Authentic taste does not say, but also join together with everyone to become rich road.

Wuhan Cai Lin record join conditions:

1, Cai Lin identity re Gan brand culture, recognized by the Cai Lin hot dry noodles join policy;

2, I and family health, have the passion and enthusiasm in this industry; with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons; read more

Some ideas and methods for novice website promotion


do when the station has no user, every day COPY other website content is personal webmaster generally want to go through. Often see stationmaster crying for a long time no one to register, he at the forum, layout of the giant, giant theme less, it also expect others to sign, expect there will be popular? If you are a novice, or lazy.

can try the following methods

Links (a major friend of course is a good thing), note that quality must choose good friendship link, a word: high PR, high correlation, high popularity, search engines; this do not worry, if there is no major help, understanding a few blog (according to my experience, often blog is the focus of attention of the search engine, PR) included high, also let him help, it is impossible to open their own blogs (such as Baidu space, registration, use the forum name in each post with your address, then find a few blog website to submit RSS, this effect has nothing to say). read more

Two years of wind and rain on grassroots entrepreneurs


February 10, 2008 is a special day for money online, is to set up 2nd Anniversary days, two years have passed imperceptibly. Money online networks account, by a babbling child, growing to a vigorous youth. Online billing market money online by a single show, now blossom everywhere, now and then to dominate money online. In the past two years of stormy journey, don’t feel filled with a thousand regrets.

1: causes of entrepreneurship

recalls the development money online billing network project starts with a very occasional cause. It was the winter of the 05 year, probably around December. Then arrived in Shanghai soon, still living in a dilapidated house in Zhangjiang, curl on the cold floor of the nest. The pay was low and the cost was enormous. Monthly salary of thousands of pieces, do not know where to spend. You should take note of their own want to spend money, figuring out where to go. At that time the market has some similar desktop software such as moneywise etc.. However, this software has a defect: it can only be installed on a single machine, and it is very inconvenient. Just think: if you can use it on your mobile phone, it will be more convenient. And further think: if you can remember on the phone, and in the network to view, even better. read more

The experience marketing based on nternet on


Some time ago the

exam, busy with school, blog has stopped for a long time, just when the arrest, think of some problems, investigate some problems, to also be a small harvest, okay, okay.

recently, the industry on-line 2 new products, very popular concern, one is based on the community, one is crying city. Even if the 2 are taking different routes, but one thing is the same. That is: pay for experience in marketing.

experiential marketing, the success of this Starbucks Road, is being more and more attention to enterprises, and rely on the trial exploration of various platforms. There are many factors for experiential marketing to develop. Here we put aside the broad experience marketing, based on the Internet platform for experiential marketing for discussion. read more

Does the stationmaster hesitate to walk at the crossroads to the left or to the right


webmaster hesitation period, standing at the crossroads, left or right, go

wrote two articles, and after a lot of webmaster communication, with a lot of feelings, today and everyone exchanges:

I am Xiaowen: website public education network I also like the title, in the process of development, often in " ", crossroads; don’t know. On the two and decide on what path to follow through the exchange of people almost six or seven webmaster, I feel all have one thing in common: the beginning of planning what website is full of passion, what hope, planning website how to profit, how to register domain names and how to promote and how to realize the function, overall good idea of what a lot of creative, and with passion he began his creative journey. A new station was added to the ranks of the head after the early. The preparation of these work for about 2 months or so, the basic framework of the site have been completed, after fighting day and night is the basic content filled at a word but cool. After such a long time efforts for what? What’s that? Flow? Or money? All are not, then the owners often wandering around, because a person’s energy and patience is limited, pay so much without any return, all this time most easily give up yourself then, or not do, or go along with others from another theme. It is a new web site died. At this time the most need pointing predecessors and incentive or encouragement, even a little bit stingy advice may change his status of the new owners. Summon the confidence to do it, but like the so-called old webmaster how much of that, I think everyone should be very clear, especially in the process of communication in the webmaster and how many people sincerely communicate, at least I Until now had 2, one is for a novel station on his website there are hundreds of thousands of IP, after he met the premise without any interest in him with my novel I am very grateful to the station, he is also very grateful, another one is SEO Shanghai workers, led a team ranking is optimized for each big door where the corporate website, and his communication, feel benefit, under his guidance I was for my station do the so-called seo. read more

Brief introduction of two or three pages of contribution page how to create high access soft text


for soft Wen, I believe every webmaster is not strange. The marketing effect of the soft Wen is all obvious to people, good, not only through the webmaster network reproduced can bring huge traffic can improve the visibility of the site, low investment and high efficiency is less than the other way. A good soft Wen, need to have the factors are diverse, need to pay attention to details, everything. How soft can have more reproduced? How soft and can bring high traffic? According to this period of time in the A5 community since the combination of experience and their own home page shows the article summarizes the experience in this area. read more

n 2 months how did do the keyword Baidu second


my first website in April 2009 10, Chongqing classified information network ( officially launched, until today, the word Chongqing classified information network to the Baidu second, the word Chongqing classification information also do the first page of Baidu.

actually, when I first started, I didn’t understand anything. After 1 months in the website, I changed to the current template, which led to Baidu’s collection from 1200 to 500, and later to 800, then come back, so repeatedly. So here tell you novice webmaster, template really can’t change. This is the first. read more

n fact the number of websites now is much larger than that of today’s nternet users


I have been thinking about why I stand to fewer people? Now suddenly realized, in fact, the reason is very simple, is now the site than the number of netizens now! Why? Don’t look now China known as the number of Internet users in the world first, those are false. Do not say others, I would say that the people around me, said my aunt, her computer will only QQ, just go to the chat room, the other will never, never go to the web page, I asked her why she said if there is virus?…… Then my uncle, he is on the QQ, go to Sina, 163, look at the news, that’s all, none of the others, not even sending and receiving mail. Even download something, I told him that half a day before I understand…… Another is my aunt’s children, the big one is online 51, and the little guy is playing QQ, QQ games, you say they will go to see what web site? I don’t think so, at least for the moment. So long as we put users under the classification in different ways, we will find how much to these in the cracks and the innumerable station netizen? Sometimes we have not overestimate the quality of Internet users? You see, most people want to see the news to the portal site, looking for something to buy Baidu, Taobao…… These large websites have almost stopped our Internet users, so it is useless for our stations to make any effort to advertise them. Now with the development of technology, your site outside the chain can hardly survive in the website, because as long as you can give you a chain blocked, you said you have publicity useful? Said the Internet is a development platform, in my opinion there is also a monopoly, and very serious so to hit! In a world of the network, please consider good! Otherwise absolutely does not earn steady pay read more