Bauhinia paint in Shanghai held a new conference


said the material, we will choose the high quality coating of environmental health, can make our home more clean, also bring people out of the ordinary feelings. Bauhinia paint is one of the high-quality coatings, the only way to bring people a green and healthy living environment.

2016 and Bauhinia paint brand new conference held in Shanghai before. The conference to the intentions of the color as the theme, interpretation of Bauhinia paint intentions brand concept. Bauhinia paints invited the Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Association of interior decoration should be long Yang, Beijing daily editor Wu Houbin, Home Furnishing IAI International Design Award winner, renowned interior designer He Wei and other guests around the "Bauhinia how to build a hundred years brand" and "national brands such as talent shows itself were discussed.

Bauhinia paint group president Ye Jun said Bauhinia Flower in the past 30 years of fierce competition in the fore, and the enterprise adhere to the intentions of the color has a direct link to the spirit. The national brands need to be more hard to develop, in order to stand out, to shape a century enterprise brand. This is also the future of Bauhinia paint bigger, stronger key.

the launch of the heavy group of the Bauhinia Flower intentions of the series products – Tu Li Li V series products, excellent Tu Li S series of products, BCG conceptual products. "Hui Tu Li V series" the main face of tooling channels, in order to "net" and "smooth" as the main feature; "S" series mainly in the pursuit of healthy life "concept of consumer groups; BCG series product" YISHION consumer experience, packaging fashion, environmental protection and high-end fashion, suitable for young the trend of people.

Bauhinia paint industry as a leader in the development, naturally have their development advantages, in fact, most of the products because of its innovative enterprises, R & D department will regularly launch more quality products, worthy of choice.

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