What are the causes of the formation of bride price net


price has almost become an important part of the marriage market, however, with the development of the times, gender imbalance, the bride price is more and more high, the formation of the current "bride price", so many families cannot afford. So, what are the reasons for the formation of bride price? What are the best ways to curb?

after the Spring Festival, a young girl told against her mother to ask for "bride price" local opera "back in Shandong" betrothal gifts Heze shock place, and "news " report……

is the national NPC and CPPCC, many members also talked about the "bride price" phenomenon, and mention some concrete measures.

3 month 6 days, in the province of Shandong delegation group meeting, the topic Sha Yuan to speak on behalf of the National People’s Congress chrysanthemum is "against the" bride price ", to prevent poverty, because of marriage or marriage". Her home is in Shandong city of Heze Province, is the opera "back" on the local price.

is the director of the Shandong workshop Sha Yuan Ju Caoxian Chenghui Fur Trade Co. Ltd., as a representative of migrant workers, she noticed that high bride price is a phenomenon that can not be ignored in the local rural areas, where some of the price at least 100 thousand yuan.

she visited a family, the child’s mother paralyzed in bed, his father walking instability, family burden is very heavy, can not afford the local popular "a riot of colour green" and "still", "10000 purple" refers to the 5 yuan note 10 thousand piece of purple, "Benny" refers to 1000 red hundred notes, "green" refers to the 1 green 50 yuan note, these add up is more than 15 yuan; "a" and "real" respectively the car and the house.

"the family conditions are not good, the marriage may lead to poverty." Sha Yuanju told Chinese Youth Daily reporter · youth online.

on the same day of the meeting of the CPPCC, the CPPCC National Committee, the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region people’s Congress deputy director Sun Guibao also said that the "bride price" will lead to "marriage because of poverty" phenomenon, the high cost of the wedding many families lack of development potential.

"high bride price exceeded many family economic capacity, but also easily lead to family conflicts." The National People’s Congress, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Guyuan city mayor Mahan said.

there have been media reports, in the high bride price phenomenon is serious in Gansu area of Qingyang, because marriage changes, "reclaim the bride price dispute upward trend. In extreme cases, there have been vicious criminal cases caused by factors to the bride price.

Sun Guibao believes that rural bride price prevails, a recommendation

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