From business need to go through several stages which the whole


business market prospects, many entrepreneurs took the lead time to start empty-handed, from business needs to operate in several stages, so as to be in the business of more advantages and lay the foundation for the successful entrepreneur, is very worthy of our attention to the franchisee.

The first stage: through the study of preparing

for their own businessThis stage is

you seek the key, that is to say, only prepared, to start, can be handy, however, during this period of learning should also master the most effective method, otherwise is often counterproductive, therefore, choose what kind of learning platform is very important, I think this platform, to help you learn must have the following conditions: first, have a lot of success and success stories, in order to improve their own ability, then, is to have many business information, business information, to choose. At this stage, also includes three learning period: 1, quit looking for their love of the industry and period of.2, based on practice through the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience, his work.3 a waiting period of waiting and looking for business opportunities, remember that business is do not know


second stages: to create their own business, and to ensure that enterprises have a certain profit

This stage is

1, planning for their own business has been a good plan to do a good job, pay attention to all their own Pro Pro!

2, according to their own plans to create their own business plan, to create the shorter the better, the less money the better!

3, the survival of the enterprise has been launched to maintain the survival is very important, think of ways to make the enterprise survive, only to survive and have the possibility of profit and development.

4, struggling to earn their first pot of gold as soon as possible, so that they can breathe a sigh of relief.

third stage for enterprise development to a stable profit level, and sustainable management on

This stage belongs to the

1, the adjustment period to ensure that the fruits of victory a key step, the goal of the struggle has been achieved, it should consider new business ideas – is to expand or maintain the status quo or


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