Mochi sweets donut how should do all the business


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love to eat sweets eat donuts and doughnuts Mochi sweets is loved by the people, but we can not only do you have pure chowhound, do Mochi sweets donuts, so as to afford the name chowhound! Then teach you to make Mochi sweets donuts.

1, butter softened, add sugar, salt, beat the egg whisk evenly, become slightly loose state.

2, add milk powder, stir well, and then add the eggs, stirring evenly.

3, stir the butter paste as shown in the figure.

4, dry yeast, flour, butter paste into the bread, the dough will have to can stretch out thin film growth stage.

5, when the dough is about 2.5 times as big as the dough, the dough is fermented.

6, fermented dough by hand, the inside of the gas pressure, and then put the dough at room temperature for about 15 minutes.

7, fermenting dough, with a rolling pin roll into a thickness of 1.1CM patches. Roll out later, again for about five to ten minutes.

8, the doughnut mold will face cut into the shape of a donut.

9, cut the Mochi sweets donut dough on the baking tray with flour. For the second fermentation of hot oil pan, the fermentation of the dough into the sweet oil pan, deep fried until golden on both sides.

do Mochi sweets donuts tips:

1, fried doughnuts are best to choose a small diameter, deep height of the pot, so that it can save fuel, but also easy to fry.

2, fried doughnuts oil, with ordinary edible oil can. After the end of the oil, filter out impurities to save up, I used to burn eggplant used, does not affect the taste oh.

3, fried doughnuts to control the oil temperature, each donut fried time control in 1.5 minutes is ideal.

4, donut to cool completely before with powdered sugar or white sugar, hot doughnuts with sugar or white sugar, or sugar.

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