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carpet market now has a lot of brands, each brand in the industry’s position will be different. In short, the carpet is Chinese the most famous traditional handicrafts, in Chinese has 3000 years of history and culture, and the carpet in the world or with a long history of Arts and crafts. So, carpet which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the list of the top ten carpet brands.

carpet ten brands list NO.1, Shanhua carpet

was founded in 1982, won the Chinese brand, Chinese 500 most valuable brands, the carpet industry iconic brands, Weihai Shanhua carpet Refco Group Ltd.

carpet ten brands list NO.2, hippocampus carpet

has been China’s well-known trademarks, a comprehensive set of industry, trade, scientific research and development in one of the country’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shandong hippocampus group.

carpet ten brand rankings, Tianya carpet


One of the

China carpet ten brands, Jilin province famous trademark protection, printing carpets leader one of the world-renowned industry with a unique design style and taste, science and technology limited liability company Tianya Versamark carpet industry in Jilin province.

carpet ten brands list NO.4, Huade carpet

China well-known trademark protection, production and sales of the largest and most complete product varieties, the most extensive sales and service of enterprises, Zhengzhou profile carpet Co. ltd..

carpet ten brands list NO.5, Dongsheng carpet

China to protect well-known trademarks, one of Asia’s largest and most advanced equipment woven carpet manufacturers, Dongsheng carpet Refco Group Ltd.

carpet ten brands list NO.6, Oriental carpet

China to protect well-known trademarks, woven jacquard carpet modern large-scale production enterprises, China’s carpet industry influence brand, one of the Binzhou Oriental carpet Co., ltd..

carpet ten brand list NO.7, Tibetan sheep carpet

protection of well-known trademarks in China, one of the leading enterprises in the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry in China, one of the largest domestic production enterprises, Qinghai Tibetan carpet carpet.

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