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pipe, will direct a can affect the service life of the housing, and now a lot of people will be more reliance on imported products, so that our businesses have a lot of imported brands. Moreover, with the development of science and the improvement of people’s living conditions, people’s health and environmental protection has become more and more popular in recent years. Water is the source of human life. In the home improvement pipeline is a hidden project, the choice of how to determine the quality of the water pipe is the quality of life in the future, the water pipe naturally become more and more home improvement companies and owners of concern.

now on the market a wide variety of types of water pipes, the quality is uneven. More and more owners choose imported brands of water pipes, water pipes, as the ten largest brand list of home improvement companies and owners to buy a reference, you can let people choose to be more suitable for imported water pipes.

imported water pipes ten brands list NO.1: German micro


micro method, is one of the founders of the plastic pipe industry, belonging to the world’s largest plastic fluid industry leader Aliaxis group, is committed to provide consumers with the most global PPR pipeline protection, existing products has been recognized by consumers in more than and 60 countries worldwide, and took the lead through the European authoritative German water science the association of DVGW, and the German plastics center SKZ certification, is one of the few domestic companies in Germany to meet this standard.

import pipe ten brands list NO.2: America Zor

United States of America, the United States HOLDINGS Holdings (ZOR) is a modern international holding company, is the founder of a new health pipeline. Organized by the organization of polymer composite NPPT new antibacterial PP-R pipeline, ACWA was awarded the green health and Environmental Protection Award, life science contribution award. Zor has won 800 countries in the world more than 26 patents and certificates of honor. The company headquarters is located in California City, Rosemead, continues to expand the international market for many years, a wholly owned subsidiary of 4 cooperation, 2 holding companies in over 5 countries and regions. Products are exported to nearly 100 countries and regions, and recognized by consumers, the market share peer precedent.

imported water pipes ten brands list NO.3: Germany wide wins

Germany, the main production of water supply and heating / cooling system of plastic pipes and accessories. At the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly engaged in the development, production and installation of floor radiant heating system. It is one of the earliest three suppliers in the floor heating system.

Germany Kuo Sheng, the inventor of the global PP-R pipeline system, the invention of the era of the metal pipe to subvert the unified, for drinking water

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