Nine kinds of goods from lingerie store most commonly used method to know the whole display


underwear for women is important, should not need Xiaobian say, really want to successy operate this store, the shop to do business, not only to pay attention to the store’s location, decoration, but also good merchandise, so the store business is more popular. So, for underwear operators, how to do a good display of goods? The most common way to have nine kinds of friends who are interested to go along with Xiaobian to understand.

1, scientific classification: general clothing store business varieties are more, according to age to display, the door is shaonianzhuang, is in the middle of the youth, which is the most elderly or children; or according to the price display, on the left is the median price, the right is the high-grade price, the customer service service is in the field. This gives the customer to buy and store management has brought convenience.

2, often transform method: underwear store business is a fashion goods, shop appearance should be changed according to the trend of change. If there is no big change in the goods, you can change the display, decoration, decoration to make the store into a new face to attract customers.

3, together with the convenience of the law: the object of the same series of consumer goods together, or will be put together with each other style. If the bra and panties together, waist (or back armor) and pants together.

4, repeat: some underwear in a certain position of fashion is too long, because of the influence of surrounding light or style and then the shelves inside No one shows any interest in, the underwear moved to the outside the shelves will be noticeable. Repeat this cycle with the new style shelves, the entire store will make people feel often change new.

5, wardrobe combination method: for each season, people’s wardrobe is a new combination of different purposes, different occasions, a variety of themes rich and orderly style. With the acceleration of the pace of life, people need a combination of wardrobe design services. Therefore, the combination of goods may wish to take advantage of this mentality in the sale of goods at the same time also increase domestic design services. The combination can be divided into three families, single combination, combination, etc..

6, decoration store to do some background: strengthen the commodity art theme decoration foil, left a deep impression to customers, but do not dominate.

7, the model shows: most clothing are used to show the effect of consumer sales methods. When people see a beautiful show, they think they are also very beautiful, so the store can be used to show the model.

8, the effect should be used: people into the store after the first to see is the effect, and this effect is not only rely on clothing can be formed, other factors will affect the overall effect. Such as background music, lighting, projection, etc.

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