Fine penetration into every corner of Huangyuan


editor’s note: in the ancient city of Dan after strong modern morning bell and evening drum — reminders, the administrative office group, "soil" or rural tourism, showing the village intelligent energy-saving technology elements…… "Tradition" and "modern" two seem to be back to the concept of the two law in the ancient city of Huangyuan to achieve the perfect unity. How can the perfect so long to "fresh"? The key is: Huangyuan unity and meticulous work mode. From field to ordinary farmers, from dairy farming park to forage processing base, from urban construction to military enterprises build a model village, the ecological protection to the construction of commercial facilities, from the development of education to the development of tourism, the fine penetrated into every corner of Huangyuan, has solidified into a concept, a serious attitude, a better culture, a habit, become the support of the county units, create advanced Party cadres and workers for outstanding spiritual strength. Not only improve the efficiency of the government, but also to improve the quality of life of local people.

But what exactly is

? Reporters in the township of Huangyuan in an interview, whether leaders or cadres, the answers are strikingly similar: "fine is to want people to think, by changing their ideas and innovation, trying to make people a better life!"

fine bring one of the best life:

wave rural characteristics of the boat "money" road light

wave of the town of Zhang Haishou bay village children, every day carefully served 300 gray geese. Speaking of their own characteristics of breeding, he was full of confidence: the purchase price of 16 yuan per catty, each can reach more than 10 pounds per month, can be delivered to the customer, each can earn a net profit of $100."

and Zhang Haishou, nalon village Liu Erchun is also immersed in the joy of getting rich. In support of Huangyuan county and township wave boat, since culture after the completion of the park, Liu Erchun and the village more than and 40 villagers to the past a sporadic raising mode, embarked on the road of large-scale farming, to become a major supplier of the Huangyuan table of beef and mutton, the average annual income rapidly from the previous 20 thousand yuan, doubled. Up to several hundred thousand yuan.

from the rich people ability to build the province’s efforts in modern animal husbandry demonstration county is the development of modern animal husbandry proposed Huangyuan county government in the "12th Five-Year" period, how to take this key step in the implementation of key fine grasp of measures.

to achieve the transformation of the mode of production of animal husbandry, take the road of industrialization, vigorously carry out base construction, Huangyuan is actively promoting the production and operation of livestock raising and transformation of the main measures. In the realization of scale at the same time, pay attention to a feature of a township, meticulous guidance and layout of a village of varieties, and actively introduce all kinds of breeding characteristics, in order to enhance the market fluctuations in the capacity, avoid farming income change radically. At present, the county’s new expansion and expansion of milk base, cattle and sheep breeding base, laying farms, pig farms and breeding deer breeding base, breeding base, such as wild goose 48. Initially formed a pig, beef cattle breeding,;

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