15 years of free education policy has covered all poor families in our province


2016 spring semester, the funding mechanism for compulsory education in our province, the establishment of a unified, pre-school students from poor families to Hainan, Huangnan, Golog, Haibei, Yushu 5 Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Xining, two of all students and Haidong city for three years, nine years of compulsory education, high school and secondary vocational school three years of the implementation of free education for 15 years, "13th Five-Year" at the end of the first batch of students basically covering the whole province, benefiting nearly 861 thousand people. Implementation of more than a month, the dividend policy to benefit more poor families.

[] news story: a new multiple children in kindergarten nearly doubled

of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhidoi county is located in the southwestern province of I, an average elevation of 4500 meters, the cold season lasts for nearly 10 months, has been included in the list of national poverty counties. 15 years of free education policy in such a poor county has been implemented? Herdsmen here are not already aware of this Huimin policy…… Through the interview, the answer is: the more exciting areas of poverty, the more able to see the release of the dividend policy. According to incomplete statistics, the spring of this year, the county’s new kindergarten children increased nearly doubled.

is the south shore red Zhidoi County kindergarten, 2007 began to work in early childhood, he had deep feelings for this change: "two years ago our kindergarten kindergarten in the old city, the staff of 4, when the children up to 10. After the reconstruction, we moved to the new town, and now the kindergarten construction area of twenty-five thousand square meters, is a beautiful small building, classrooms, offices, entertainment room readily available."

this spring school, kindergarten and ushered in a Huimin policy: 15 years of free education. "When we are at the grassroots level, we have a strong policy of herdsmen. The number of people in our kindergarten has soared. Last year, more than 130 children in the park this year, the children in the park reached a total of 272. In this way, each child can save 1200 yuan per year, the cost of poverty and herdsmen families to eliminate concerns, have sent their children to kindergarten." About 15 years of free education policy, the old garden long ear.

Zhidoi county is a microcosm of our province in 6, at present, the county has 11 kindergartens, for public kindergarten, 15 years of free education policy for the benefit of more than 800 children. Director of Zhidoi County Bureau of education Zahi said: "the county children enjoy free education, education and poverty help is a lifetime."

[policy] preschool education and ordinary high school students benefit from 66 thousand new

not long ago, the province launched the implementation of the education poverty alleviation action plan. In the poverty alleviation kenyinggutou period, our province to develop education objectives of poverty alleviation, lists the detailed key schedule.

reporter in the Provincial Department of education to see a clear;

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