Huang Yuanwan’s new year’s Eve free gift to the masses


called on the masses to promote thrift, honesty, respect for labor, and respect for the traditional virtues, recently, Huangyuan County Propaganda Department organized the 2015 "to promote the socialist core values, thousands of households send couplets" activities. It is reported that the
, based on the activities to promote the Chinese traditional culture, promote the socialist core values, spread positive energy society. With the people can understand, interested in languages, carefully printed more than ten thousand spring couplets, complimentary to the broad masses of people send New Year wishes for the people of the county, every family in the county to create urban and rural residents welcome the Spring Festival couplets, village atmosphere of the new year, to further promote the lifting practice the socialist core values activities climax. Provide strong spiritual support for the construction of the "three basics".

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