The province’s industrial growth rate ranks tenth in the country


July 21st, reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, I overcome the difficulties and challenges of industrial ten years never had the change in innovation, progressive change, change in the breakthrough, the new growth momentum is accelerating the breeding and constantly breakthrough. The first half of the province’s industrial scale grew 7.5%, 8.8% growth in the month of June, the growth rate ranks tenth in the country, and presents a new development path for the development of higher quality, better efficiency, better structure, advantage of the full release.
development idea is not backward. From the aspects of project construction, technical transformation and policy guidance, the development of green low-carbon industry. In the first half of the province’s industrial growth above the scale of the month increased by 6% over the same period of industrial electricity consumption, clean energy consumption accounted for more than the proportion of total energy consumption of more than 46%, to support the rapid growth of electricity consumption growth.


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