League One fixtures 2016-17: Complete list of every game!


first_img1 New Charlton boss Russell Slade The English Football League fixtures for the 2016-17 season were released on Wednesday morning. Here’s the full League One schedule…August06/08/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield United06/08/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Port Vale06/08/2016 15:00 Bury v Charlton Athletic06/08/2016 15:00 Millwall v Oldham Athletic06/08/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Fleetwood Town06/08/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Chesterfield06/08/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Peterborough United06/08/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Bristol Rovers06/08/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Milton Keynes Dons06/08/2016 15:00 Southend United v Gillingham06/08/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Coventry City06/08/2016 15:00 Walsall v A.F.C. Wimbledon13/08/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Bolton Wanderers13/08/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Oxford United13/08/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Northampton Town13/08/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Swindon Town13/08/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Shrewsbury Town13/08/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Scunthorpe United13/08/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Bury13/08/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Millwall13/08/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Walsall13/08/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Bradford City13/08/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Southend United13/08/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Rochdale16/08/2016 19:45 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Scunthorpe United16/08/2016 19:45 Bristol Rovers v Bolton Wanderers16/08/2016 19:45 Charlton Athletic v Shrewsbury Town16/08/2016 19:45 Chesterfield v Walsall16/08/2016 19:45 Coventry City v Bury16/08/2016 19:45 Fleetwood Town v Oxford United16/08/2016 19:45 Gillingham v Swindon Town16/08/2016 19:45 Milton Keynes Dons v Bradford City16/08/2016 19:45 Oldham Athletic v Northampton Town16/08/2016 19:45 Peterborough United v Millwall16/08/2016 19:45 Port Vale v Rochdale16/08/2016 19:45 Sheffield United v Southend United20/08/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Fleetwood Town20/08/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Coventry City20/08/2016 15:00 Bury v Oldham Athletic20/08/2016 15:00 Millwall v Sheffield United20/08/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon20/08/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Peterborough United20/08/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Milton Keynes Dons20/08/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Gillingham20/08/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Chesterfield20/08/2016 15:00 Southend United v Bristol Rovers20/08/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Port Vale20/08/2016 15:00 Walsall v Charlton Athletic27/08/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Oldham Athletic27/08/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Bolton Wanderers27/08/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Millwall27/08/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Northampton Town27/08/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Peterborough United27/08/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Scunthorpe United27/08/2016 15:00 Rochdale v A.F.C. Wimbledon27/08/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Oxford United27/08/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Gillingham27/08/2016 15:00 Southend United v Fleetwood Town27/08/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Bristol Rovers27/08/2016 15:00 Walsall v BurySeptember03/09/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Chesterfield03/09/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Southend United03/09/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Walsall03/09/2016 15:00 Bury v Port Vale03/09/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Coventry City03/09/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Sheffield United03/09/2016 15:00 Millwall v Bradford City03/09/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Milton Keynes Dons03/09/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Shrewsbury Town03/09/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Rochdale03/09/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Swindon Town03/09/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Charlton Athletic10/09/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Sheffield United10/09/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Milton Keynes Dons10/09/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Rochdale10/09/2016 15:00 Bury v Shrewsbury Town10/09/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Charlton Athletic10/09/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Bradford City10/09/2016 15:00 Millwall v Coventry City10/09/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Walsall10/09/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Chesterfield10/09/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Swindon Town10/09/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Port Vale10/09/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Southend United17/09/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Bristol Rovers17/09/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v A.F.C. Wimbledon17/09/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Northampton Town17/09/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Oldham Athletic17/09/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Oxford United17/09/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Gillingham17/09/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Fleetwood Town17/09/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Peterborough United17/09/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Scunthorpe United17/09/2016 15:00 Southend United v Millwall17/09/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Bury17/09/2016 15:00 Walsall v Bolton Wanderers24/09/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Shrewsbury Town24/09/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Bradford City24/09/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Port Vale24/09/2016 15:00 Bury v Chesterfield24/09/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Milton Keynes Dons24/09/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Coventry City24/09/2016 15:00 Millwall v Rochdale24/09/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Southend United24/09/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Swindon Town24/09/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Charlton Athletic24/09/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Walsall24/09/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Sheffield United27/09/2016 19:45 Bradford City v Fleetwood Town27/09/2016 19:45 Charlton Athletic v Oldham Athletic27/09/2016 19:45 Chesterfield v Gillingham27/09/2016 19:45 Coventry City v A.F.C. Wimbledon27/09/2016 19:45 Milton Keynes Dons v Bury27/09/2016 19:45 Port Vale v Millwall27/09/2016 19:45 Rochdale v Bolton Wanderers27/09/2016 19:45 Sheffield United v Bristol Rovers27/09/2016 19:45 Shrewsbury Town v Peterborough United27/09/2016 19:45 Southend United v Oxford United27/09/2016 19:45 Swindon Town v Northampton Town27/09/2016 19:45 Walsall v Scunthorpe UnitedOctober01/10/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Gillingham01/10/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Oxford United01/10/2016 15:00 Bury v Scunthorpe United01/10/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Rochdale01/10/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Bradford City01/10/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Sheffield United01/10/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Bristol Rovers01/10/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Milton Keynes Dons01/10/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Coventry City01/10/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Swindon Town01/10/2016 15:00 Southend United v Peterborough United01/10/2016 15:00 Walsall v Millwall08/10/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Shrewsbury Town08/10/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Fleetwood Town08/10/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Chesterfield08/10/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Oldham Athletic08/10/2016 15:00 Millwall v Charlton Athletic08/10/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Port Vale08/10/2016 15:00 Oxford United v A.F.C. Wimbledon08/10/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Bury08/10/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Southend United08/10/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Northampton Town08/10/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Walsall08/10/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Bolton Wanderers15/10/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Swindon Town15/10/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Oldham Athletic15/10/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Gillingham15/10/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Coventry City15/10/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Peterborough United15/10/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Millwall15/10/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Bradford City15/10/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Bury15/10/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Milton Keynes Dons15/10/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Port Vale15/10/2016 15:00 Southend United v Chesterfield15/10/2016 15:00 Walsall v Shrewsbury Town18/10/2016 19:45 Bradford City v Southend United18/10/2016 19:45 Bury v A.F.C. Wimbledon18/10/2016 19:45 Chesterfield v Fleetwood Town18/10/2016 19:45 Coventry City v Oxford United18/10/2016 19:45 Gillingham v Walsall18/10/2016 19:45 Millwall v Bolton Wanderers18/10/2016 19:45 Milton Keynes Dons v Bristol Rovers18/10/2016 19:45 Oldham Athletic v Scunthorpe United18/10/2016 19:45 Peterborough United v Northampton Town18/10/2016 19:45 Port Vale v Charlton Athletic18/10/2016 19:45 Shrewsbury Town v Sheffield United18/10/2016 19:45 Swindon Town v Rochdale22/10/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Sheffield United22/10/2016 15:00 Bury v Bolton Wanderers22/10/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Scunthorpe United22/10/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Rochdale22/10/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Charlton Athletic22/10/2016 15:00 Millwall v Fleetwood Town22/10/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Southend United22/10/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Bristol Rovers22/10/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v A.F.C. Wimbledon22/10/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Oxford United22/10/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Northampton Town22/10/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Walsall29/10/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Bradford City29/10/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Port Vale29/10/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Peterborough United29/10/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Chesterfield29/10/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Gillingham29/10/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Bury29/10/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Millwall29/10/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Oldham Athletic29/10/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Swindon Town29/10/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Milton Keynes Dons29/10/2016 15:00 Southend United v Shrewsbury Town29/10/2016 15:00 Walsall v Coventry CityNovember12/11/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Rochdale12/11/2016 15:00 Bury v Southend United12/11/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Sheffield United12/11/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Scunthorpe United12/11/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Northampton Town12/11/2016 15:00 Millwall v Bristol Rovers12/11/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Walsall12/11/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v A.F.C. Wimbledon12/11/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Bolton Wanderers12/11/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Fleetwood Town12/11/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Oxford United12/11/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Charlton Athletic19/11/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Bury19/11/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Millwall19/11/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Milton Keynes Dons19/11/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Port Vale19/11/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Chesterfield19/11/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Peterborough United19/11/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Coventry City19/11/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Swindon Town19/11/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Oldham Athletic19/11/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Shrewsbury Town19/11/2016 15:00 Southend United v Bradford City19/11/2016 15:00 Walsall v Gillingham22/11/2016 20:00 Bolton Wanderers v Coventry City22/11/2016 19:45 Bradford City v Northampton Town22/11/2016 19:45 Bristol Rovers v Charlton Athletic22/11/2016 19:45 Fleetwood Town v Shrewsbury Town22/11/2016 19:45 Millwall v A.F.C. Wimbledon22/11/2016 19:45 Milton Keynes Dons v Chesterfield22/11/2016 19:45 Oxford United v Gillingham22/11/2016 19:45 Peterborough United v Scunthorpe United22/11/2016 19:45 Port Vale v Oldham Athletic22/11/2016 19:45 Rochdale v Walsall22/11/2016 19:45 Sheffield United v Bury22/11/2016 19:45 Southend United v Swindon Town26/11/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Fleetwood Town26/11/2016 15:00 Bury v Millwall26/11/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Sheffield United26/11/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Bristol Rovers26/11/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Milton Keynes Dons26/11/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Rochdale26/11/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Bolton Wanderers26/11/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Peterborough United26/11/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Oxford United26/11/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Port Vale26/11/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Bradford City26/11/2016 15:00 Walsall v Southend UnitedDecember10/12/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Gillingham10/12/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Charlton Athletic10/12/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Bury10/12/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Walsall10/12/2016 15:00 Millwall v Shrewsbury Town10/12/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v A.F.C. Wimbledon10/12/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Oldham Athletic10/12/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Chesterfield10/12/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Northampton Town10/12/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Scunthorpe United10/12/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Swindon Town10/12/2016 15:00 Southend United v Coventry City17/12/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Port Vale17/12/2016 15:00 Bury v Oxford United17/12/2016 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Peterborough United17/12/2016 15:00 Chesterfield v Bolton Wanderers17/12/2016 15:00 Coventry City v Sheffield United17/12/2016 15:00 Gillingham v Milton Keynes Dons17/12/2016 15:00 Northampton Town v Rochdale17/12/2016 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Southend United17/12/2016 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Millwall17/12/2016 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Bristol Rovers17/12/2016 15:00 Swindon Town v Fleetwood Town17/12/2016 15:00 Walsall v Bradford City26/12/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Shrewsbury Town26/12/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Scunthorpe United26/12/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Coventry City26/12/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Bury26/12/2016 15:00 Millwall v Swindon Town26/12/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Charlton Athletic26/12/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Northampton Town26/12/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Gillingham26/12/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Walsall26/12/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Chesterfield26/12/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Oldham Athletic26/12/2016 15:00 Southend United v A.F.C. Wimbledon31/12/2016 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Scunthorpe United31/12/2016 15:00 Bradford City v Bury31/12/2016 15:00 Bristol Rovers v A.F.C. Wimbledon31/12/2016 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Oldham Athletic31/12/2016 15:00 Millwall v Gillingham31/12/2016 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Swindon Town31/12/2016 15:00 Oxford United v Walsall31/12/2016 15:00 Peterborough United v Coventry City31/12/2016 15:00 Port Vale v Chesterfield31/12/2016 15:00 Rochdale v Shrewsbury Town31/12/2016 15:00 Sheffield United v Northampton Town31/12/2016 15:00 Southend United v Charlton AthleticJanuary02/01/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Millwall02/01/2017 15:00 Bury v Sheffield United02/01/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Bristol Rovers02/01/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Milton Keynes Dons02/01/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Bolton Wanderers02/01/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Oxford United02/01/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Bradford City02/01/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Port Vale02/01/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Peterborough United02/01/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Fleetwood Town02/01/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Southend United02/01/2017 15:00 Walsall v Rochdale07/01/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Chesterfield07/01/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Northampton Town07/01/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Port Vale07/01/2017 15:00 Gillingham v A.F.C. Wimbledon07/01/2017 15:00 Millwall v Walsall07/01/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Oldham Athletic07/01/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers07/01/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Southend United07/01/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Charlton Athletic07/01/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Bury07/01/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Fleetwood Town07/01/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Shrewsbury Town14/01/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Oxford United14/01/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Swindon Town14/01/2017 15:00 Bury v Peterborough United14/01/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Millwall14/01/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Coventry City14/01/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Bristol Rovers14/01/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Scunthorpe United14/01/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Gillingham14/01/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Milton Keynes Dons14/01/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Bradford City14/01/2017 15:00 Southend United v Rochdale14/01/2017 15:00 Walsall v Sheffield United21/01/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Millwall21/01/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Scunthorpe United21/01/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v A.F.C. Wimbledon21/01/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Fleetwood Town21/01/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Northampton Town21/01/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Bury21/01/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Oxford United21/01/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Gillingham21/01/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Oldham Athletic21/01/2017 15:00 Southend United v Bolton Wanderers21/01/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Peterborough United21/01/2017 15:00 Walsall v Bristol Rovers28/01/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Rochdale28/01/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic28/01/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Swindon Town28/01/2017 15:00 Bury v Walsall28/01/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Southend United28/01/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Shrewsbury Town28/01/2017 15:00 Millwall v Chesterfield28/01/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Coventry City28/01/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Bradford City28/01/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Sheffield United28/01/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Milton Keynes Dons28/01/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Port ValeFebruary04/02/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Gillingham04/02/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Fleetwood Town04/02/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Oldham Athletic04/02/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Millwall04/02/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Bolton Wanderers04/02/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Peterborough United04/02/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Bristol Rovers04/02/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v A.F.C. Wimbledon04/02/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Bury04/02/2017 15:00 Southend United v Scunthorpe United04/02/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Oxford United04/02/2017 15:00 Walsall v Northampton Town11/02/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Charlton Athletic11/02/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Walsall11/02/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Bradford City11/02/2017 15:00 Bury v Swindon Town11/02/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Rochdale11/02/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Port Vale11/02/2017 15:00 Millwall v Southend United11/02/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Chesterfield11/02/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Coventry City11/02/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Milton Keynes Dons11/02/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Sheffield United11/02/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Shrewsbury Town14/02/2017 19:45 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Coventry City14/02/2017 20:00 Bolton Wanderers v Rochdale14/02/2017 19:45 Bristol Rovers v Sheffield United14/02/2017 19:45 Bury v Milton Keynes Dons14/02/2017 19:45 Fleetwood Town v Bradford City14/02/2017 19:45 Gillingham v Chesterfield14/02/2017 19:45 Millwall v Port Vale14/02/2017 19:45 Northampton Town v Swindon Town14/02/2017 19:45 Oldham Athletic v Charlton Athletic14/02/2017 19:45 Oxford United v Southend United14/02/2017 19:45 Peterborough United v Shrewsbury Town14/02/2017 19:45 Scunthorpe United v Walsall18/02/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Bolton Wanderers18/02/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Oxford United18/02/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Bury18/02/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Gillingham18/02/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Fleetwood Town18/02/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Bristol Rovers18/02/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Millwall18/02/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Scunthorpe United18/02/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon18/02/2017 15:00 Southend United v Northampton Town18/02/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Oldham Athletic18/02/2017 15:00 Walsall v Peterborough United25/02/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Walsall25/02/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Scunthorpe United25/02/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Bury25/02/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Oxford United25/02/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Swindon Town25/02/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Northampton Town25/02/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Southend United25/02/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Shrewsbury Town25/02/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Millwall25/02/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Rochdale25/02/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Bradford City25/02/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Bolton Wanderers28/02/2017 20:00 Bolton Wanderers v Bristol Rovers28/02/2017 19:45 Bradford City v Milton Keynes Dons28/02/2017 19:45 Bury v Coventry City28/02/2017 19:45 Millwall v Peterborough United28/02/2017 19:45 Northampton Town v Oldham Athletic28/02/2017 19:45 Oxford United v Fleetwood Town28/02/2017 19:45 Rochdale v Port Vale28/02/2017 19:45 Scunthorpe United v A.F.C. Wimbledon28/02/2017 19:45 Shrewsbury Town v Charlton Athletic28/02/2017 19:45 Southend United v Sheffield United28/02/2017 19:45 Swindon Town v Gillingham28/02/2017 19:45 Walsall v ChesterfieldMarch04/03/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v A.F.C. Wimbledon04/03/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Peterborough United04/03/2017 15:00 Bury v Gillingham04/03/2017 15:00 Millwall v Milton Keynes Dons04/03/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Charlton Athletic04/03/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Bristol Rovers04/03/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Sheffield United04/03/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Fleetwood Town04/03/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Coventry City04/03/2017 15:00 Southend United v Port Vale04/03/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Chesterfield04/03/2017 15:00 Walsall v Oldham Athletic11/03/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Northampton Town11/03/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Southend United11/03/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Walsall11/03/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Shrewsbury Town11/03/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Bradford City11/03/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Bolton Wanderers11/03/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Scunthorpe United11/03/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Rochdale11/03/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Bury11/03/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Oxford United11/03/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Swindon Town11/03/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Millwall14/03/2017 19:45 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Milton Keynes Dons14/03/2017 19:45 Bury v Bristol Rovers14/03/2017 19:45 Charlton Athletic v Bradford City14/03/2017 19:45 Chesterfield v Peterborough United14/03/2017 19:45 Coventry City v Southend United14/03/2017 19:45 Gillingham v Bolton Wanderers14/03/2017 19:45 Northampton Town v Port Vale14/03/2017 19:45 Oldham Athletic v Oxford United14/03/2017 19:45 Scunthorpe United v Rochdale14/03/2017 19:45 Shrewsbury Town v Millwall14/03/2017 19:45 Swindon Town v Sheffield United14/03/2017 19:45 Walsall v Fleetwood Town18/03/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Northampton Town18/03/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Swindon Town18/03/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Chesterfield18/03/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon18/03/2017 15:00 Millwall v Bury18/03/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Coventry City18/03/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Scunthorpe United18/03/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Oldham Athletic18/03/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Shrewsbury Town18/03/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Gillingham18/03/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Charlton Athletic18/03/2017 15:00 Southend United v Walsall25/03/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Southend United25/03/2017 15:00 Bury v Fleetwood Town25/03/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Milton Keynes Dons25/03/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Rochdale25/03/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Bristol Rovers25/03/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Peterborough United25/03/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Oxford United25/03/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Sheffield United25/03/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Bradford City25/03/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Bolton Wanderers25/03/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Millwall25/03/2017 15:00 Walsall v Port ValeApril01/04/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Chesterfield01/04/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Walsall01/04/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Shrewsbury Town01/04/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Swindon Town01/04/2017 15:00 Millwall v Scunthorpe United01/04/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Gillingham01/04/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Bury01/04/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Charlton Athletic01/04/2017 15:00 Port Vale v A.F.C. Wimbledon01/04/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Northampton Town01/04/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Coventry City01/04/2017 15:00 Southend United v Oldham Athletic08/04/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Bristol Rovers08/04/2017 15:00 Bury v Bradford City08/04/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Southend United08/04/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Port Vale08/04/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Peterborough United08/04/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Millwall08/04/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Sheffield United08/04/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Fleetwood Town08/04/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Bolton Wanderers08/04/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Rochdale08/04/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Milton Keynes Dons08/04/2017 15:00 Walsall v Oxford United15/04/2017 15:00 Bradford City v Oxford United15/04/2017 15:00 Bury v Rochdale15/04/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Southend United15/04/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Charlton Athletic15/04/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Bristol Rovers15/04/2017 15:00 Millwall v Northampton Town15/04/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Scunthorpe United15/04/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Bolton Wanderers15/04/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Fleetwood Town15/04/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Sheffield United15/04/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Walsall15/04/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v A.F.C. Wimbledon17/04/2017 15:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Peterborough United17/04/2017 15:00 Bolton Wanderers v Bury17/04/2017 15:00 Bristol Rovers v Oldham Athletic17/04/2017 15:00 Charlton Athletic v Gillingham17/04/2017 15:00 Fleetwood Town v Millwall17/04/2017 15:00 Northampton Town v Shrewsbury Town17/04/2017 15:00 Oxford United v Port Vale17/04/2017 15:00 Rochdale v Coventry City17/04/2017 15:00 Scunthorpe United v Chesterfield17/04/2017 15:00 Sheffield United v Bradford City17/04/2017 15:00 Southend United v Milton Keynes Dons17/04/2017 15:00 Walsall v Swindon Town22/04/2017 15:00 Bradford City v A.F.C. Wimbledon22/04/2017 15:00 Bury v Northampton Town22/04/2017 15:00 Chesterfield v Charlton Athletic22/04/2017 15:00 Coventry City v Walsall22/04/2017 15:00 Gillingham v Fleetwood Town22/04/2017 15:00 Millwall v Oxford United22/04/2017 15:00 Milton Keynes Dons v Sheffield United22/04/2017 15:00 Oldham Athletic v Rochdale22/04/2017 15:00 Peterborough United v Bristol Rovers22/04/2017 15:00 Port Vale v Bolton Wanderers22/04/2017 15:00 Shrewsbury Town v Southend United22/04/2017 15:00 Swindon Town v Scunthorpe United30/04/2017 12:00 A.F.C. Wimbledon v Oldham Athletic30/04/2017 12:00 Bolton Wanderers v Peterborough United30/04/2017 12:00 Bristol Rovers v Millwall30/04/2017 12:00 Charlton Athletic v Swindon Town30/04/2017 12:00 Fleetwood Town v Port Vale30/04/2017 12:00 Northampton Town v Gillingham30/04/2017 12:00 Oxford United v Shrewsbury Town30/04/2017 12:00 Rochdale v Bradford City30/04/2017 12:00 Scunthorpe United v Coventry City30/04/2017 12:00 Sheffield United v Chesterfield30/04/2017 12:00 Southend United v Bury30/04/2017 12:00 Walsall v Milton Keynes Donslast_img

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