Crown Prosecutor: Execution Was Not Requested for Zafzafi, Rif Activists


Rabat – The King’s Public Prosecutor to the Court of Appeal in Casablanca has denied rumors circulating in Moroccan media that execution is being considered in the trials of Nasser Zafzafi and other Rif activists.In a statement issued to the state-run Maghreb Arab Press, the court explained that the case has not progressed past the investigation stage, and so no punishment can yet be issued.“The case’s file is still in the hands of the investigating judge, to whom the right is given only to issue a transfer order [to another court], to cease litigation, or declare [the court’s] lack of jurisdiction,” writes the prosecutor. “Punishments can only be applied during sentencing, not [by] the investigating judge.” Zafzafi and the other activists are currently detained for “undermining state security” as part of their involvement with the Hirak protest movement in Al Hoceima.

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