HD cameras being deployed to ISS will stream live to Earth


first_imgAdmit it, you’ve looked at Google Earth and wished it was a live feed of the Earth from space. What once was a crazy dream, is now looking like an inevitability. As soon as spring 2013, an HD camera will be mounted on the International Space Station (ISS), and it’s going to be beaming a live feed of the Earth back for all to see.The cameras are being built by a Canadian company called UrtheCast. Russian cosmonauts are being trained to mount the devices to the underside of the space station when they are sent up in the coming months. One of the cameras will be fixed in place, and the other will be able to swivel so it can be pointed at specific locations as needed.The images captured by these cameras won’t be incredibly fine, but they should be comparable to most satellite imagery you’ve ever seen. UrtheCast is claiming 3.3ft per pixel, which is about in line with the images on Google Earth. The main difference being that the images from these cameras will be live.The path of the space station is plotted far in advance, so it will be relatively simple to check out where UrtheCast’s cameras will be pointing. The company hopes to make it more straightforward for people to plan events in the path of the cameras. Unlike the scientific imaging cameras already on the ISS, these will be available for a wide variety of uses. In fact, a developer API will be made available so apps can be built using UrtheCast’s pictures.via Popular Sciencelast_img

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