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first_img Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket Stay on target Hello team METALSHARK BRO! Thank you so much for talking to us at Geek! For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about yourself for our readers?BOB: My name is Bob Frantz. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio by way of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve been writing comics and self-publishing comics since 2009. My first published work was a 4 issue, all ages mini-series released by Action Lab Entertainment called “Monty the Dinosaur.” Kevin and I started writing together in 2016. We have one published work together (last year’s IF Anthology from Alterna Comics)and have self-published two other books. Impressive, right. Ha!KEVIN: I’m a single dad with custody, a podcaster, and a writer. I am originally from Queens, NY but I now reside in Williamsburg, VA. I’m never sure how much or how little to write in these blurbs, no one wants to know my favorite color or that I spend late nights pondering washable crayons, the number forty-two and Quantum physics.WALT: I was a latchkey kid when I was growing up.  The only things I had waiting for me when I got home were some pop-tarts and G.I. Joes.  I’d devour those heavenly pastries and get to work on creating an elaborate story for my Joes.  Secret agents, master plans, sneak attacks, and even relationships for them.  I’ve always loved telling stories and I’ve tried multiple mediums.  Music, screenplays, movies, acting, and finally comics. Comics allowed me to explore all the stories I wanted to tell. No limits. I’ve since created 3 of my own personal IPS with Shiver Bureau, Cubicles, and Haxor.via KickstarterNow, for what we’ve all been waiting for, tell us ALL about METALSHARK BRO!BOB: METALSHARK BRO is Off the coast of Bali, a shark swims along and casually looks for his next meal. Beelzbra, the douchey nephew of Satan, interrupts this tranquil life to transform the fish into an anthropomorphic shark with a penchant for brutal murder. You know, the natural origin of most heroes. However, the arrogant little demon promises to return Metalshark Bro to his “normal” shark form upon the collection of nine cursed souls. However, the “return” Beelzbra promised doesn’t happen. Naturally, our hero vows revenge against his treacherous maker. Our anti-hero chases Belzbra through time and reality, battling necromancers, zombie soldier on mastodon skeletons, a corrupt priest, and his army ninja nuns. The craziness just goes on and on.This honestly has to be one of the most insane Kickstarters ever. Sharks and Metal? Wicked. You tell us a little bit on the Kickstarter page how METALSHARK BRO got started when you heard a radio DK talking about scientists playing AC/DC for sharks? Can you tell us a little more about that? Was the rest of the team as deeply devoted to the project the minute you told them about it?BOB: There isn’t much more to tell. I was driving back to Cincinnati after a fun con weekend. It was early. I was punch drunk and half asleep and I heard the story about the sharks, and it was like a bomb went off in my head. Called Kevin (because I knew he would be up for his day job) giggling like a child. I could barely relay the story to Kevin. I was so weak. After about two or three minutes I managed to get it out. Kevin was excited. I think it was contagious or we were both exhausted (Kevin was at the con as well) and feeling extra silly.Anyway, we just started brainstorming. AND METALSHARK BRO WAS BORN!!!!! I mean, if it wasn’t for the DJ in Richmond, Va reading that news story then this unholy terror wouldn’t be. This weekend jock on a classic rock station made the world a better place. We should build him a statue or something.via KickstarterHow long did it take you and Kevin to develop the story from the initial idea? Did you both immediately know you wanted to work with Walter [Ostile] for art, Shawn [Greenleaf] for letters/editor and Chas [Pangburn] for editor when you started to develop?BOB: The drive from Hampton, Virginia to Cincinnati is about 9 hours. I was on the phone with Kevin workshopping and brainstorming this thing for most of it. By the time I got home, We had the first arc mapped out.As for the rest of the team, We had worked with Shawn in the past. He is a good editor/letterer/designer. He’s a jack of all trades and a good dude. Chas was a dude I knew from Twitter. I knew he was a dope editor and we had talked about working together. So this seemed like the perfect time.Now Walt is the man. Kevin and I have been fans of Walt’s work for some time and were looking for a book to do together. The metal gods smiled upon us when Walt’s schedule opened up. We pitched Walt, he liked it, and here we are! HERE WE ARE!!!You guys seem to be having an absolute blast with METALSHARK BRO. It looks SO gnarly and brutal. It also shows what the medium of comics can do. Was that what you were going for in making this comic? Pushing the boundaries a little, while just having fun with your friends and making comics?KEVIN: We were just going for different. We were going for so silly it’s dumb, but we will take gnarly, brutal and other much cooler adjectives over my less exciting ones.Bob and I always have fun working together, whether it’s on Word Bros. Or making comics our work style is similar, so it’s all fun until it comes time to pitch.When you add Walter to that mix, it’s just three guys sitting in different areas of the country having a blast throwing ideas back and forth until we can cultivate the best ones.WALT: With a title like Metalshark Bro, the art really has to deliver on the promised ridiculousness. There’s a freedom though, knowing that you can really push it as far as you want. Not just towards the brutal metal aspect, but the silly side of things. Bob and Kevin are open to suggestions and giving my room to explore my stupid fun side. I mean I gave a flying eyeball a bowler hat and put beard stubble on a sharkman. They didn’t even blink.via KickstarterWalter, what was the process like for you to take Kevin and Bob’s script and turn into something so hardcore?WALT: It’s been great. They want to make this comic as metal as possible, and I’ve been able to add all kinds of craziness on top of what was already insane. It’s, dare I say, ludicrous. We know there isn’t any restrictions. We get to push it as far as we can image and that freedom makes my inner child shred the most killer 10-minute solo ever shredded.There are some killer rewards for your Kickstarter, including pins and copies of the physical and digital. What are some other stellar goodies that backers will be able to get? (That you’re ready to disclose!)KEVIN: I’m both saddened and excited to see the two pieces of original art go. Both Adam Ferris and Christian DiBari crushed those pin-up pieces and as much as we’d like to keep them— the backers come first. I think being able to be killed by MSB is a reward backers are sleeping on. You can get killed in a comic by a fictional Sharkman anti-hero, why wait for death when you can design your own? The additional content stories are what I’m really stoked for and hope we can get to in stretch goals. They are pure lunacy, and I think the readers will love them.WALT: I know I am looking forward to those pins, I want one for every single piece of clothing I own. I think the coolest perk is being drawn into the book. You could flip open the book and see yourself staring back out at you. How trippy is that? If you want to throw in a little more green, you can also see Metalshark Bro laying down bloody murder on your little, illustrated alter-ego. When someone asks you what you did today, you can say “I was killed by a demon cursed shark. Top that.”via KickstarterSuper important question. What bands or songs are exclusively on METALSHARK BRO’s playlist?KEVIN: Metalshark Bro! By Don CardenasAnthRAX –Now it’s Dark.Iron Maiden- Two Minutes to MidnightMetallica- Master of PuppetsMegadeth- Killing is My Business… or Hook in Mouth ( had to get a fish related one in there)Slayer- South of HeavenSlipknot- SurfacingSoulfly- Eye for an EyeSepultura- Refuse/ResistBob will say Motörhead – Killed by Death.BOB: Killed by Death by Motorhead has been my Metalshark Bro anthem. The song perfectly sums up the book.WALT: Obviously, MSB’s gonna be shredding those metal bands. Slipknot, Motörhead, Anthrax, GWAR, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slayer, Maiden, Tool, and basically anything that melts off your face. That’s obvious, but MSB also has a soft side. When he’s relaxing after a long day of slaying monsters, you can find him crushing the chorus to Alanis Morissette’s Ironic.Thank you guys so much for talking with us! Do you have any other projects in the future our readers should be looking out for? Also, where can they find you (via social media) and this dope Kickstarter?KEVIN: Bob and I are currently working on something called “Chase the moon” with our good friend, Drew Moss. And after that, we will be trying to pitch a project we started working on with Tony Gregori who is a wonderful human being as well.You can find me on Twitter or Instagram. will get readers to the Kickstarter as well. Thank for talking to us, we appreciate it!BOB: THERE ARE NO OTHER PROJECTS!!!! IT’S ALL METALSHARK BRO ALL THE TIME!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.You can and definitely should back the dope METALSHARK BRO right now on Kickstarter.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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