Rust developer goes prehistoric with Before survival game


first_imgYou may not recognize the name Facepunch Studios, but you’ll more than certainly know the developer’s games. First there was the multi-million selling Garry’s Mod, and more recently there’s being the highly successful Rust. Now Facepunch has announced its next game, called Before.Rust is a multiplayer survival game inspired by DayZ, Minecraft, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and is available in Early Access form on Steam. It’s a harsh world where individuals have been reduced to cavemen trying to survive by any means they can. However, it’s got a modern setting. Before is a big contrast to this. It’s still a survival game, but it’s set in a prehistoric world where you have to keep a tribe of people alive.Before isn’t a project that was created internally at Facepunch. Initially it was being developed as a spare time game by Bill Lowe, but by May of this year he and fellow programmer Päl Trefall had decided to team up with Facepunch to take the project forward.Because of this, you’ll notice and understand why there’s a big difference in art style to what Facepunch has produced before. It’s a much simpler, cartoon-style that works well with the setting. As for gameplay and details, not that much has been shared yet. You’ll be expected to forage and hunt for food, protect yourself from wild animals through combat, and find or build somewhere to live.Over time, and if you’re successful, your tribe should grow and mature, to the point where you have hierarchies and power structures. The Before website even suggests beliefs will form and rituals emerge within each tribe.The game is being developed in Unity and is expected to see a release on PC, Mac, and Linux. As Rust was a Steam game we can expect this to be, too. There’s no release date yet, but Facepunch is promising a playable alpha as soon as possible. To follow the progress of the project the best thing to do is follow @BeforeGame on Twitter and read the Before blog.Now read: DayZ griefers force captured players to sing their national anthem VIEW PHOTO GALLERY BeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforelast_img

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