Journeys of Change


first_imgJourneys of ChangeChange is inevitable but change in itself is incredibly challenging.Over the next few weeks I’m looking at three very different travel personalities who have taken that experience onto great new things.As an industry, travel has been affected and disrupted by the emergence of new technologies. There are two ways to respond; stick your head in the sand and watch your business die or embrace the change and the opportunities that come with it .David Reeves, is quite literally one of the great journeyman of travel in Australia, has taken over 40 years of experience in travel and combined it with his love of motorcycles.Journeys of Change“In recent years, India has been one of my fly in / fly out destinations and I decided to have a proper look around Rajasthan by motorcycle.“I convinced one of my regular riding companions in would be somewhere different for him to experience away from Australia and away from our usual Harley Davidson and an Indian. Our ride in India would be on Indian made Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets.Upon making a few contacts in India who learnt David’s background, he was quickly made a representative for Australia and New Zealand for a motorcycle touring company.“On the first day of riding the group travelled by the support vehicle to collect the motorcycles and we were gently introduced to ‘the traffic of India’ … No worries, bring on the cities and the horns.“Over the days we rode sand tracks to major highways under the watchful eyes of our Road Captain (Local Ride Leader) and trailing Support crew. The motorcycles just puttered along and took everything in their stride , being on an organised tour, when we had a breakdown, our mechanic was on the scene in moments and we were soon back on the road.”“We stayed in a variety of three and four star properties, from cleaning comfortable hotels to glamping in the desert. The food was local, fresh, varied and delicious.”Having done 20 trips to India myself, I can definitely vouch for the food.David has now formalised a relationship with a series of companies to provide a seamless, authentic and exciting way to view the country.“I am escorting another tour during Holi, the festival of colour next March and of course it will be in Rajasthan. This time I will be taking guided tours of Delhi. For details of the tour go to it’s not just in India – RidetheWorld takes what David knows about riding and of the world and created something interesting and accessible for the motorcycle enthusiast.“If you cannot ride but we like to join me, there are seats in the support vehicle where we will witness the exploits of the riders and share tales of the days exploring Rajasthan on tour together.If you want to see more of the world from behind the handlebars, I help with organising rides anywhere in the world. “Top Tips for hiring a motorcycle in India1/ Ride a Royal Enfield as they are the motorcycle of India and are suited to the roads.2/  Rajasthan  is much flat, the roads are not too bad and there are lots of sights to see.3/ Go in a tour group, the ones I arrange have a guide. Support vehicle and driver and most importantly a mechanic.4/ Don’t be scared to use the horn as everyone uses theirs.After more info?  Visit learn more about here Source = STUBA.comlast_img

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