Watch Jaguar IPace Get Driven 232 Miles On A Charge


Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 5, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Jaguar Proves I-Pace Range With Channel Tunnel Drive Jaguar I-Pace Range Test – Video + Images 46 photos Jaguar I-Pace Range Test Yields Disappointing Results Source: Electric Vehicle News Source: YouTube Nyland conducted his test in Norway, carefully filling up the battery for an extended period. Apparently, if you want an absolutely full-to-the-brim battery, it takes such a considerable amount of time we recommend only attempting that overnight at home rather than at a charging station. Here, Nyland waited about an hour and a half after it indicated it was a 100 percent full, and still only seemed to begin with 81.5 kWh, a little less than the 84.7 kWh Jaguar claims it will take.Nyland also does us the courtesy of weighing his test vehicle, and we find it tips the scales at 2,320 kg (5,110 pounds). As he starts out, the temperature is about 15 degrees Celcius (59 F), though as the sun goes down, it drops down to about 8 C (46.4 F). He only turns on the heated steering wheel and seats to combat the chill and keep energy losses to a minimum.Unlike the Autocar test, Nyland runs the I-Pace battery down until there’s just a couple percent left of its full capacity. Perhaps this helped achieve a more accurate result. In any case, the range distance he calculates at the end of the trip, during which he traveled at an average speed of about 90 kph (45 MPH), is 373 km (232 miles), with an efficiency of 214 Wh/km (344.4 Wh/mile).If you can spare 21 minutes, we recommend watching the entire video, as Nyland gives interesting insights all the way through. We especially enjoyed the segment that shows how the trick climate control knobs work and how you can choose to heat either the back of the individual front seats, their bottoms, or both. Enjoy!Video description:Expected range at 90 km/h, 56 mph: 350 km, 217 mi with HVAC on Estimated available energy from 100-0 %: 81.5 kWhJAGUAR I-PACE Maybe the best range test yet.A lot has been made of the range of the Jaguar I-Pace, or more appropriately, the lack thereof. We feel a lot of the negativity has to do with early expectations — original figures given offered what turns out to be an unrealistic 292 miles under the WLTP cycle. Now, Jaguar websites cite both 220 miles or 234 miles on different pages (previously, it had also cited 240 miles). However, a recent test by Autocar seemed to indicate the all-electric crossover might only get about 195 miles on a charge. Luckily, electric vehicle YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has conducted his own test and come up with a more comforting (and, hopefully, more realistic) range figure of 232 miles.More Jaguar I-Pace range tests

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