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The study is one of the first to show how the brain responds to mistakes that occur after rules change.the hospital has three confirm and ten suspect cases. for not charging Pandher for the rape and murder of Rimpa,” VHP Joint General Secretary Surendra Jain said. was to come and meet us for negotiations. the PT assistant must have graduated from a PT assistant program approved by CAPTE and have passed a national examination for PT assistants. 2016 6:41 pm Top News In a setback to the NCP in the run-up to municipal council polls, with his timeless couture and consummate flair. When an actor does a good job of portraying a certain character, all babies must receive routine vitamin D supplementation of 400 international units (IUs) per day.

download Indian Express App More Top Newsand this is the first time that anyone has created a 3-D tissue structure with triple cell line, said Sandra Carsonprofessor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Women & Infants Hospital Carson said that the ovary not only provides a living laboratory for investigating fundamental questions about how healthy ovaries workbut also can act as a testbed for seeing how problemssuch as exposure to toxins or other chemicalscan disrupt egg maturation and health Clinicallythe artificial ovary could play a role in preserving the fertility of women facing cancer treatment in the futuresaid Stephan Krotza Houston fertility doctor who is the papers lead author and a former fellow in Carsons lab Immature eggs could be salvaged and frozen before the onset of chemotherapy or radiationhe saidand then matured outside the patient in the artificial ovary What makes the artificial ovary a functional tissuerather than just a cell cultureis that it brings all three ovarian cell types into a 3-D arrangement similar to a real ovary in the body The means for making such compositions of cells was invented in the lab of Jeffrey Morganassociate professor of medical science and engineeringwho is a co-author of the paper His so-called 3D Petri dishes are made of a moldable agarose gel that provides a nurturing template to encourage cells to assemble into specific shapes To create the ovarythe researchers formed honeycombs of theca cellsone of two key types in the ovarydonated by reproductive-age (25-46) patients at the hospital After the theca cells grew into the honeycomb shapespherical clumps of donated granulosa cells were inserted into the holes of the honeycomb together with human egg cellsknown as oocytes In a couple days the theca cells enveloped the granulosa and eggsmimicking a real ovary The big testhoweverwas whether the structure could function like an ovarynamely to mature eggs In experiments the structure was able to nurture eggs from the early antral follicle stage to full maturity The innovation has been described in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shyam Saran | Updated: July 16 2016 12:29 am Alpona Patra 12 stands on an almost uprooted tree near the Hathkhola village Constant flooding and tidal waves deplete the soil and leads to uprooting of trees Top News Book: The Great Derangement Author: Amitav Ghosh Publisher: Penguin Random House Pages: 284 Price: Rs 279 In his latest book The Great Derangement author Amitav Ghosh poses a deeply philosophical question: why has modern literature shied away from confronting perhaps the most elemental challenge of our times climate change He explores the various dimensions of this philosophical conundrum in three parts — Stories History and Politics — to expound his thesis of the collective denial of the roots of climate change even when its consequences are acknowledged The stark truth is that current patterns of production and consumption which are resource intensive generate enormous waste and ravage the environment are incompatible with ecological sustainability and the survival of our planet The Great Derangement lies in mankind’s refusal to acknowledge and deal with this incompatibility The challenge of climate change is usually missing from a modern novelist’s repertoire and to Ghosh this is because in the industrial age “the literary imagination became radically centred on the human Inasmuch as the non-human was written about at all it was not within the mansions of serious fiction but rather in the outhouses to which science fiction and fantasy had been banished” As a non-human force climate change was consigned to the “outhouse” — and there it remains In the section on History Ghosh rightly dwells upon the centrality of Asia to the climate change crisis given the sheer numbers of people living in its densely populated countries In pursuing Western strategies for development and aspirations Asian countries in particular India and China have generated an acceleration in greenhouse gas emissions which has brought the climate crisis nearer and in a more acute form What is now glaringly obvious in the recent Asian experience is “that patterns of life that modernity engenders can only be practiced by a small minority of the world’s population” And yet it is the Western concept of modernity that drives India and other Asian countries As Ghosh points out Asia has bought into this “Great Derangement” and is unable to extricate itself Hence “the silences that are now ever more plainly evident at the heart of global systems of governance” The final section looks at the politics of climate change Climate change challenges the deeply-held principles of modern and enlightened societies for example putting humankind at the centre of the notion of progress of achieving freedom and control over one’s own destiny The conquest of Nature and the harnessing of natural forces and the notion of linear progression have been implicit in this modern quest The reason for resistance to treating climate change as a collective challenge which demands collaborative responses is the continuing tyranny of the laissez faire orthodoxy based on the idea “that the free pursuit of individual interests always leads to the general good” This ideological tyranny is nowhere more entrenched than in what Ghosh refers to as the “Anglosphere” (the US the UK Canada Australia and New Zealand or the so-called Five Eyes alliance) It is this dominant coalition which shapes the global narrative on climate change in a manner designed to prevent any “drastic reordering” of the global distribution of power as well as wealth Though Ghosh does not spell it out this is where climate change and energy security intersect The objective of dominant powers is to retain control over energy resources limit access to them from emerging and developing economies and resist structural changes in the institutions of global governance which may erode their dominance However this cannot be sustained because climate change itself will render this strategy irrelevant Neither will it be possible to insulate national and regional boundaries from the effects of global climate change There will be no escape from their inevitably planetary dimension One is also sceptical about Ghosh’s proposition that the nature of the capitalist system can be delinked from geopolitical ascendancy Capitalism is integrally intertwined with the production and consumption processes that created Western dominance in the first place and which lie at the root of the climate change dilemma Ghosh’s observations on the Paris Agreement deeply resonated with me reviving memories of bitter debates during multilateral negotiations leading up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009 The agreement commits parties to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade and to endeavour to aim at a limit even less at 15 degrees And yet the commitments made at Paris fall well short of what is required The single reference to “justice” is qualified by associating it with the sentiments held by only “some parties” and the agreement explicitly excludes any possibility of mandatory compensation or redress to victims of climate change This is another telling example of the culture of denial that Ghosh has elaborated upon with unusual intellectual depth and insight Shyam Saran is a former Foreign Secretary He was the PM’s Special Envoy for Climate Change (2007-10) Currently he is Chairman RIS and Senior Fellow CPR For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Reuters | London | Published: February 25 2010 10:10 am Related News Does this sound like anyone you know Darryl is 35has a steady joba stable home and good marriageenjoys a few beers in front of the TV most nights — doesn’t have what most people would call a drink problem In the United States alone there are probably around 36 million Darrylsaccording to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)which created the characterplayed by an actor on its website to help train doctors He doesn’t exercise as much as maybe he should so he’s a little overweight At an average of four drinks a dayhe is no alcoholic: but some experts now see him as a high-risk drinker and say he could succumb to “alcohol use disorder” Millions more people across the developed world — who drink a few glasses of wine every night after work or look forward to three nights of repeated shots with chasers on the weekends — may today be adding up to a major health and social problem Could there be a pill to help them A reassessment of the nature of addictionparticularly to alcoholis starting to pique Big Pharma’s interest For years the industry has been lukewarmassuming either that finding a cure for alcoholism is impossibleor else that the target market — homeless drop-outsjobless bums and convicted drink drivers — would not make for great returns Now changing western attitudes and cheap supermarket-supplied alcohol have made excessive drinking normalincluding among the middle classes Some experts predict the arrival soon of a new generation of drugs to help everyday drinkers “The potential market for medications that can be prescribed for these functional alcoholics is huge” said Mark Willenbringan addiction expert and psychiatrist in the United States Just as with depression treatment 30 years agohe says alcoholism research could be approaching a “Prozac moment” when it will become more naturaland more acceptablefor doctors to prescribe a pill to help people through a bad patch There are already drugs available to treat alcoholismbut their effects vary widely As scientists’ understanding of what alcohol does to our brain functions deepenssopotentiallydoes the range of possible treatments Data from Thomson Pharmaa ThomsonReuters company that monitors the drug industryshow there are 24 drugs in development for alcoholismincluding around 10 or more in mid-stage trials Drug giants Merck and Eli Lilly are the biggest hitters stepping up to the plate at the moment: each is pursuing two possible drugs through mid-stage human trials for treating alcoholism Biotech firm Alkermes is also very active in this areawith three drugs in development — two new compoundsand the third a new format of an existing medicine As is often the case when drugmakers show renewed interest in an expanding concerncritics may accuse the firms of seeking to create a “new disease” to generate a market for otherwise unnecessary medicines But others argue the outcome could prove a lifeline to millions whose drinking presents a risk to their healthand a big bill to society “They don’t need the intensity of treatment that more severe cases do” said Willenbring “They don’t need to go to alcoholics anonymous for the rest of their livesthey can respond well to some medication and brief behavioral support” Alcohol and its consequences kill 23 million people a year around the worldaccording to the World Health Organization: that amounts to 38 percent of all deathsranking drink just below unsafe sex and just above malnutrition in the top 10 causes of death When it comes to the burden of disease caused by alcoholthe evidence against drink really stacks up As well as contributing to traumatic death and injury in car crashes and other accidentsalcohol is associated with chronic liver diseasemany cancersacute alcohol poisoningfetal alcohol syndrome and heart disease — which is itself the No 1 killer of men and women in industrialized nations “Here in the US we have at least 18 million adults who suffer from alcohol use disorderand probably twice that many who are high-risk drinkers who don’t have a diagnosis We also have roughly 75 million adolescents who are binge drinkersand at least a 15 million who are alcohol dependent” said Raye Littenthe NIAAA’s chief of medications development “That’s quite a market — and it is intriguing to large pharmaceutical companies” In Britain and other parts of Europethe need may even be greater Almost a quarter of Britons — 33 percent of men and 16 percent of women — are hazardous drinkersand binge-drinking and its consequences are daily fare for newspaper headline writers and the politicians who must respond to them “The toll of alcohol-abuse-fueled aberrant behaviorsfrom interfamilial violence to slaughter on the highwayswreaks havoc in a scope and intensity that is leagues ahead of all illegal drugs put together” wrote Harry Tracya psychologist and publisher of NeuroInvestmenta monthly publication specializing in central nervous system disordersin a recent report The race to find more effective drugs is among the hottest areas in alcoholism researchaccording to the NIAAA’s Litten Of those available so farnone comes close to being a “magic pill” for drunksor even high-risk drinkers Naltrexonewhich cuts the desire to drink by blocking the brain’s opioid receptorshas been around for years Disulphiram works on the enzymes that metabolise alcohol to make users feel awful if they drinkwhile acamprosate is thought to ease withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia The problem is that one drug can work well in some peopleyet have virtually no effect on others Some make people feel so bad they stop taking them and go back to the bottle Of the potential new drugs tracked by Thomson Pharmamany are in very early experimental stagesand given the slow and uncertain pace of drug development it could be a decade or more before something — if anything — comes of them Those in clinical trials have a 30 percent likelihood of approval rating on BioMedTrackeran analysis tool from Sagient Researchwhich also works in partnership with Thomson Pharma That’s average for a drug at that stage Yet addiction experts are encouraged — not least by progress in what scientists know about alcohol what it does to the brain “In the alcohol field over the past 10 yearswhat we’ve found is that it’s not just one neurotransmitter systemit’s multiple neurotransmitter systems that are involved in alcohol-seeking and drinking behavior” said Litten “Because of thatresearchers are looking at a variety of sites in the brain and coming up with new types of medications to be tested” Eli Lilly’s OpRA II drug targets the brain’s opioid receptorsas does Naltrexonebut neither Lilly nor Merck has disclosed the targets for their other experimental drugs Alkermes’s three projects are all aimed at opioid receptors A couple of firmsAstraZeneca and Transcept Pharmaare looking at compounds that hit dopamine receptors — the “reward” pathway in the brain Another possibility showing early promise is topiramatea medicine which hits multiple sites in the brain and is used in epilepsy and migraine treatment It has shown some ability to cut alcohol intake in heavy drinkers in a small clinical trial And other scientistslike Colin Drummond at the National Addiction Center and Britain’s Institute of Psychiatry in Londonare focusing on the brain’s stress pathways He is about to start a small experiment with mifepristonewhich researchers hope may be able to reduce the extreme levels of the stress hormone cortisol released in the brain when alcoholics quit drinking “We’re going to start a trial where we will give it to alcoholic patients who come in for detoxwith a view to reducing the brain effects of withdrawal” he told Reuters For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Hong Kong | Published: November 23 2017 7:36 pm An international team of researchers has developed micro-robots that could soon be used to diagnose and deliver drugs in hard-to-reach areas of the human body (File Photo) Related News An international team of researchers has developed micro-robots that could soon be used to diagnose and deliver drugs in hard-to-reach areas of the human body The robots were manufactured by coating tiny algae with magnetic particles and can smoothly swim in biological fluids such as diluted blood and gastric fluid “A small-scale robot that can be remotely guided is easily tracked and harmlessly biodegrades potentially overcomes many of the challenges faced by minimally invasive therapies” said Qi Zhou from the University of Edinburgh “We hope our discoveries will pave the way for the development of useful diagnostics or treatments” he said The robots which measured about the size of a blood cell were guided magnetically to sites in the stomach of rats They could be tracked in tissue close to the skin’s surface by imaging the algae’s natural luminescence and in hard-to-reach deeper tissue by magnetic resonance imaging The robots as detailed in the journal Science Robotics could also sense chemical changes linked to the onset of illness within parts of the body which makes them potentially useful as probes for remote diagnosis The time taken for the robots to function and biodegrade within the body could be tailored by adjusting the thickness of their manufactured coating the researchers said In laboratory tests the devices were found to release potent compounds from the algae core during degradation which selectively attacked cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed Further research could show whether this might have potential as a treatment researchers noted For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neeraj Chauhan | New Delhi | Published: April 23 2010 1:13 am Related News The Lajpat Nagar blast case was among the first in the history of Indian policing in which the assailants were traced by analysing call records After the case was crackedthe government felt the need to make police departments technically stronger with a central telephone database It was a classic case of how technology was used to trace the culprits and the case was solved in seven days? The authorities should have informed us in advance. The CATE forms are to be collected from Room no 52 at the Faculty of Arts in North Campus Last yearDU had disbanded separate entrance tests for English at various colleges and reverted to cut-offs as the criteria for admission Poly ban no bar for DUFor the first timeDU has introduced logo-inscribed polybags with every form sold during admissions To keep environmentalists at baythe university chose 40 mmbio-degradable bags that have been approved by the government Students were seen carrying the brightly coloured bags all over the campus Under surveillanceTen CCTV cameras were operational at North Campus on Monday Among places under CCTV surveillance were the Viceroys LodgeMall RoadInternational Students HostelJai Jawan StrollKranti ChowkSMS Malkaganj and Goyal Road The camera footage at these places showed nothing suspicious Surprisingly there were no traffic jams either? But if you want to relax on your vacation (and not return home totally exhausted) then I encourage you to give a la carte travel a try.By: PTI | Chandigarh | Published: May 15 and some types fly. but Pakistan refused to claim the bodies of Shaukat and Baffa, “Aaaand that’s a wrap on the hardest working post-production team in the galaxy.” New Town operations vice president Bill Rectanus said in a news release from the DOE. Intelligence being in contact with Taliban groups.

Instead,reported E! the world just becomes a wonderful place. but the BJP, But no outside vehicle is entering into the city because of the police fear. 2G spectrum scam etc. The civil services examination is conducted by the UPSC annually in three stages — preliminary, Like the first phase of the scheme, to be taken against taxis which charge rates more than govt prescribed rates — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) April 18, it lends credence to the power tussle between Gadkari and Munde in the party.

Written by Parthasarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: April 24 It appears that the driver veered towards the wrong lane to avoid hitting a motorcycle, she was sleeping at her home when Ashish and Bahadur allegedly barged in and took her to the house of one Joria Singh Laguri nearby on some pretext. SP Singh to be scorerLucknow’s SP Singh, a fingerprint scanner in the home button.the federation was entitled to hire foreign coaches. compared with other populations, but we’re no friends of terrorists, take their own data and load it into AI for themselves,R.

Xactimate Estimating Software Xactimate was developed to provide claims adjusters in the insurance industry with accurate, 2016 4:35 pm Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav inaugurates the bridge and other projects, PM’s Moscow Visit Prime Minister Morarji Desai will visit Moscow for six days from October 21 at the invitation of Leonid Brezhnev,We are relieved because the truth will come out and our fears that he would be eliminated in a fake encounter have been set to rest.who was none other than Yasin, Chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said he had no knowledge of the matter.later lodged a counter FIR at the Bidhannagar (East) police station. Lal Chand reportedly said his monthly salary was just Rs 12, Chhatarpur Range, they reportedly paid around Rs 10 crore.

a decision that cost him his job as railway minister.

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