How to carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon independent blog optimization


abroad, independent blog has become a very profitable site form, and in this regard the development of domestic is still in its early stages, as the webmaster familiar IT tech blog can be said to be the moon, in the circle to do the best, whether it is well-known, it is profitable in all aspects of doing one of the best. It is in the Moonlight blog drive, more and more owners began to pay attention to and love this free and unfettered, founded a belongs to own independent blog can be used as personal freedom express stage feeling and experience to communicate with others, can also be used as a site to form independent operation independently, let it won the new profit channel for their own.

in Shanghai Longfeng independent blog optimization process, we can make flexible use of website optimization method to it, at the same time it also optimization method with the traditional website or forum is different, need to create some new optimization methods, do targeted at love Shanghai or nobility baby is optimized, thus get a good weight and ranking and included. Specifically, independent blog webmaster can carry out Shanghai Longfeng optimization work from the following aspects:

independent blog compared to a source of advantage with other programs on its own, it is because the independent blog like CMS website update so many number of articles, it has a limited number of articles that can help the webmaster tools related to the blog address, the random arrangement of the original the address is set to become the web address specific immobilization, for example, using the title abbreviation or Pinyin as the specific page address, for example. "

foreign independent blog already can write soft get huge returns, the blog quality, user group number, have a higher influence, but the mainstream profit way abroad in the domestic real distance is still too early, but more is a form of independent blog as a web site. Optimize the content and other aspects of its by obtaining more search traffic, cultivate loyal users, rely on advertising or CPS monthly advertising to make money. No matter what kind of profit mode, need blogger or webmaster do optimization work blog.

, with the help of the optimization plug-in, help Shanghai Longfeng multiplier

two page address, absolute, improve the optimization effect of

The characteristics of

independent blog program with the forum and CMS program compared to a simple many, which in its function design is also generally more streamlined, to optimize the set specific no other two mainstream programs clearly so rich and full. At this time, need more using various optimization plug-ins, such as ZBLOG have shared many users to develop plug-in optimization and can help achieve more independent blog optimization functions, including the call, SITEMAP helps Shanghai Longfeng optimization function, which can help to achieve a multiplier effect in the independent blog to carry out optimization.

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