ndependent P may not be helpful to explain in detail the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


3. IP can be independent from other website weight, but this is not scientific, the research sites in the same segment of the IP is affecting each other, this is a lot to do station group company to use the same IP IP, with a IP server is likely to be the same a server, the server with the same cabinet website will have certain effect, so IP is not very safe.

Effect of

IP optimization can be prevented from being K is down right, but also the other defense brought the weight of the website optimization. That is to say, if the other site weight high, with IP or the same server is also there will be weight transfer to your site. Imagine a IP when there are 100 stations, removing the 10 open station, this station has the weight of words will not transfer the weight. The remaining 90 station was drop right or be K have? When the 10 station was drop right, and 80 normal weight normal station, station brings more than non normal weight of the station down, so right to be reduced is relatively small.


2. if the site is down right, independent IP that can drop right. If it is non independent IP, so the weight of high standing may pull you one, so there is a website weight transfer, although we are independent of IP, only see the bad side, but did not see the good side.

as the title, in fact, independent IP with non independent IP than we imagine is not necessarily conducive to Shanghai dragon, because it has its advantages and disadvantages, we all know, IP can affect the independence from other website is K, which can optimize the self interference, but you only see the one hand, there are other aspects I express my point of view, we hope that the twins. Independent IP is not necessarily conducive to Shanghai Longfeng optimization due to the following:

1. independent

– -by Shanghai Longfeng consultant left

server in the interests of relations: with IP website server with the largest influence each other, mutual influence website next, the same cabinet website influence each other. So if you choose the independent IP, is unable to avoid the influence of the other sites received. Can only say that the effect of IP compared to the same website is smaller. Almost, the interests of this relationship so much.

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today opened the mailbox to see, my domain name for the record down. This domain name is from the beginning of December last year to record, only today, the company’s efficiency is too low. Although do not suggest that you go fast for the record, but the formal record really make people can’t wait that long. I bought a special independent IP space, because the record of the reasons, can not wait so long, so for Hongkong from the record space, so the independent IP space is idle. The smell of earth space early often can’t open phenomenon, today to try space.

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