The sharing of experience three factors determine the keyword ranking


keyword stuffing phenomenon: keyword stuffing phenomenon is very common, many people’s Web site a title cannot be displayed in the browser is almost complete. It will have a negative effect, I suggest here is that the three words in the title. Can add a brand word. Brand words such as "xxx-xxx-xxx-". In this form, keywords ranking is also very particular. In general, the more important the words of the front. To do this, not half, you will see a surprise. PS: I used to do that, it can be said that the fundamental key words change, ranking effective immediately.

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for the selected hot words as the main keywords phenomenon: for a little weight site, to choose some popular keywords and fantasy one day to put him in the first row. I want to say, you can go beyond what people portal weights and resources. People to the home page keyword optimization is a team effort, with our own power alone is basically impossible to surpass others. So why don’t we choose some relatively unpopular words? Maybe someone will ask, how to choose some partial upset words, here I recommend panda webmaster assistant this tool, it can batch mining long tail keywords, and display support index. Tap into the Related words to layout to your site, I believe that you will get an unexpected harvest. May say here is a little fuzzy, I give an example. For example, Shanghai dragon, the word will be very difficult to do, that is to say the word you get to IP, then join me with his long tail words as the main keywords to the first page, and do some of his long tail word as the divergence, the effect is very obvious.

keyword technique

skills of the user experience to create

search results for the click rate: in the search results, page ten of the list of results, the more clicks that more users love, not here to love for attention, I think would be more appropriate. The search engine will point to determine. This is a good attractive title is the priority among priorities. In view of how to write an attractive.

webmaster know, love Shanghai recently algorithm changes very frequently, for this algorithm updates, we never seem to be able to calm. Today the keywords ranking on the first page, tomorrow has disappeared. So we should take effective measures to make the website keywords which our ranking is more stable? This is my personal experience to share how to improve the three skills of Web site keywords ranking.

search engine is the original high quality accord with the needs of the user site in the front row, general search engines will have the relevant indicators to judge. Common are: the search results click rate and site bounce rate

how to select the right keywords to improve website ranking is very important. The webmaster easy mistake is selected, popular keywords as the site of the main keywords and keyword stuffing.

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