Website optimization Shanghai dragon in the process of learning a few of my little experience and in


third, to think about the user and do not frontsword optimization in transition. The optimization work carried out for two months, the longest is heard in charge of orders has always stressed that do not fall into the site optimization process, the optimization on the surface is in the search engine is actually a conscientious service of their site, this is in charge have always stressed, while the main tube gave some advice, not a lot of content copy the pseudo original, his best to write, as appropriate for the article with pictures, not in order to optimize to add a lot of unnecessary keywords wantonly title, content, three labels, optimization is the essence of service users and not please the search engine, there are >

before the author is mainly engaged in SNS marketing as the main line, including the WeChat platform maintenance and operation, maintenance company six Daqian people QQ group operation, feel these social media interaction in the operation time and the communication is very important, the main method is to create topics, share experiences and interactive platform to enhance the atmosphere the communication effect, since the director let me take over the Shanghai dragon in this 2 months, I feel Shanghai Longfeng optimization is indeed very different and these social media operation, according to the optimization process of their own during this period of time I summed up some ideas and experiences in the optimization process.

first, but not create optimized atmosphere of the platform’s experience of building. A site is a platform while WeChat is a social platform but this difference is simply too great, then I think it is mainly for Shanghai Longfeng platform construction and show the content of valuable information, the quality of the platform is reflected in where? The author thinks that the experience is very important, as the site of high quality content is not enough Arabian Nights, so the quality of the content is to enhance the experience of a detail, secondly, good site to users by sex, weight in social media interaction atmosphere and experience of website platform for the user’s vision and reading is that we very want attention, it is as if you go to a Hotel and the hotel is mainly ordinary experience and service will bring you different contrast, I think this website experience and details are very similar.

second, the content of the quality of thinking details. When the operation SNS platform a lot of speculation when it is necessary, the sharper the topic everyone’s attention is also more active atmosphere of the platform, but the site is not so, the website is like a deep story, through what kind of elegant, subtle expression passed to the information needs of readers, and the text it is the bond, so how are we going to write quality content is to carefully analyze the matter, after two months of exercise I have summed up the idea of writing his article, if I were the students what I care about? Compare yourself to each other, others want to see those things I the idea for the creation of meaningful content, the website without words is to express our thoughts, this is not the concern Chapter we should pay attention to the details of what these are need to remember that in the writing process.

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