Two years working experience in Shanghai dragon was a bitter Shanghai dragon er


at that time was that since the medical station is not good, so I just upstream, so as to exercise their ability to do so for some time, always doing the editing work (now the article is easy to write, is that when exercise >

One word is learning English

Shanghai dragon has been for two years, friends are already a station, and some are in the network company or hospital network supervisor, income in more than 7000, I’m still doing the Shanghai dragon. Mr. ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" has been turned rotten, also should understand all understand. Then a friend will ask, how would your friends so cattle, how can you still do Shanghai Longfeng? Is mainly composed of the following two reasons:


first Shanghai dragon, do is stand (bed), products from keyword selection, internal optimization, and then to the construction of the chain (the chain construction is all the owners will make great efforts to do), from a Shanghai love weight is 0, no online sales list. To leave before the weight of 4, every month on IP2000, from the Internet to the client 10, do more than half a year, wages rose from 2500 to 5000 (a little pride). But after leaving, no one department of network management, website to do, now do not know what the

our network is in charge of that time, due to do development, will have to play the mathematics PHP, tuition is more than 10 thousand, going to study programming, so that with the director said the idea. In charge of the meaning is that learning is a good thing, but you think you are now Shanghai dragon has done top bottle? You can pick up a station now, you can go now? Although Shanghai Longfeng industry deep water, the wage is not high, but when you have enough skills. Your salary will go up with your technology. Even after you change a job, you don’t have what would have been a proficiency in a particular line, and such people rarely have the company will appoint.

two, from the enterprise product change behavior of medical station


but for reasons first, then quit to self-study a month PS. Go for a company, an Internet company, received medical projects, from last year to rectify the love Shanghai medical station, began a medical trip optimization.

go back to think about, said the director is very reasonable, if not out of work, not by the appointment of proficiency in a particular line. So we’re still trying to do Shanghai dragon.

, anything, nothing in.

due to the feeling of his age is still small, how much knowledge would be useful, is also very easy to learn. So I want to learn PS, tomorrow want to learn the auction, the day after tomorrow will want to learn PHP. In the end what are not proficient, on a number of Shanghai dragon is the most adept. So now or in the Shanghai dragon.

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