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cattle turn, as a product of shared economy,

of course, the risk of entrepreneurship, the entry needs to be cautious, an entrepreneur must have the quality of a clear judgment of the situation, make a decision, whether you want to start a business directly, you have to say it yourself.

, a magical founder of the push tool, was born,


/ /pr

entrepreneurs circle of friends is Level high to nothing!


for the change.

asks for a forwarding package, saying goodbye.

allows each entrepreneur to have his own free promotion channels.

as the saying goes, "everybody paddle, big ship,

exclusive, free, accurate marketing tools!

what will happen,

how to do low cost promotion is an eternal topic for entrepreneurs.


good wine is also afraid of deep alley times,

makes the founder no longer lonely, each forwarding is a "love" push each other.

, this could be China’s first founder push tool,

entrepreneurs are busy every day,



success index: * *


here, we most need to thank WeChat.

gets the response of other entrepreneurs on the "cow turn" platform!

other people will give you the same results.

, if you put their circle of friends together,

cattle turn

since then


9. Shu Yi

Yang Mingping, co-founder of the ? !

super classroom, is a typical college student and a serial entrepreneur. Yang Mingping graduated from ceibs. In 2005, he took over a Sichuan restaurant on the edge of the school, and developed into a hot pot store with more than 400 square meters and about 2000000 annual turnover. The University’s entrepreneurial experience earned him the first pot of gold. Then Yang Mingping decided to move in a larger direction, into the online education field and created the Super Class.

, but a good entrepreneur needs three things:

Shu Yi at the age of 19 to start a business, one of the freshman year is one of the earliest Web2.0 entrepreneur, founder of the first batch of domestic blog Blogku, Bolgmedia also created a SNS and a university campus e-commerce company.


after investigation, found that there are many successful entrepreneurs, is a typical "entrepreneurship", they use their own examples, Chinese student entrepreneurs can also like Silicon Valley’s Zach Burke, like Bill Gates, be a successful student entrepreneurs.


mom, don’t worry about my product anymore,

, whether it is "college students spiritual mentor", "Li Kaifu", or "entrepreneurial leader" Zhou Hongyi, they are constantly advised: "college students do not direct entrepreneurship, we must first enter the community to accumulate some experience."…" It seems that starting a business or starting a business after graduating from college is another way of saying that entrepreneurship is a failure. But is that really the case,

10. Yang Mingping

in 2006, Yi Yi third pioneering, founded the Chengdu force Advertising Co., Ltd., and later developed into one of the Midwest’s largest professional network advertising company. In 2009, the company established Beijing force Advertising Co., Ltd. i-Media, which developed into a leading mobile marketing solution company in two years, and obtained IDG capital investment in 2011. At present, Yi Yi began to try angel investment, investment in the establishment of many mobile Internet Co.

Pr is easily overlooked by entrepreneurs.

got a cow turn,

8. Wang Ji Ji

only needs to share his friend’s circle to help others forward,

makes the founder no longer lonely, each forwarding is a "love" push each other.


index: * * * business success

60,70,80, let 90 who are crazy brush, turn around


they are tall, powerful and influential.


super class was founded in October 2010, the super class created by Yang Mingping will move offline education online, for primary and secondary school students to provide large Hollywood interactive learning courses online.


the more you push others, the harder you’ll be,

it uses powerful circle of friends,

you can publish your own promotion,


is equivalent to the exclusive founder of the promotion of "drop taxi."".

founder has his own

investors, entrepreneurs, executives, media people,

venture dark horse has 20 thousand entrepreneurial community,

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