Shanghai dragon website template site we need to abandon the optimization analysis of those points


second, the company does not want something out. Because it is the template so many times you the unique value of enterprise and service, even with our own functional modules are difficult to show on the home page, the flesh is weak, is consistent with the current many enterprise website embarrassment.

I found that the current Shanghai Longfeng optimization with some very many enterprises still use the old template site program, actually the current search engine and the Internet increasingly fierce competition, many enterprises of similar sites very similar, so it creates our own enterprise brand and services can not be effectively highlighted, so now we must abandon the the traditional site of the template template analysis routine, first station drawbacks, then discuss how to adjust.

Finally, the author sum up,

fourth, must go to the construction of relevant content from the user’s point of view. We know that the site is the end users of web users, and in the process of construction site in addition to the deliberate search engine, there is an important detail, is to master the user’s point of view to analyze our site, the user’s attention on the things, such as enterprise honor, the product may stand display, service etc. These are the first time users want to know, as a webmaster we have to plan and optimize the site around these details, truly to the purpose of service users.

first, the website structure similar high similarity characteristics. A lot of template website column is fixed, some sites above the text are the same, then, for search engines will think this site is copied in imitation, naturally you company itself many details cannot be well reflected, now is an era of intense competition, a no character the website is like an ordinary people on the ground, others are difficult to remember our first time.

, as the site construction personnel, most of the time to learn some basic knowledge of optimization, but the author found that many enterprises are often done in this field is not very good, especially the template site, website construction in the course of a large number of beauty to ignore the user and search engine, for example a large number of flash animation website access speed, a lot of the site a lot of pictures, the spider cannot obtain the effective information content, these are the common template station the most outstanding performance, good, above is my today and share with the Shanghai dragon optimization >

third, consider the details of website construction from the perspective of Shanghai dragon. As the construction site must be considered, site details by Shanghai dragon view for example, website structure design, website design website page layout, page and channel page classification, as the site builders must be very clear site details of the plan, a good accord with the site structure and layout optimization, in the optimization process can greatly improve the optimization efficiency, and reduce a lot of cost optimization.

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