Shanghai dragon er must see Shanghai dragon future development trends and challenges


a lot of people on the search engine to find information? Second trends of real-time search this is what we are going to talking about. So what is the real time search? In a nutshell is real-time search for some information on the Internet, instant search, to achieve instant results. The so-called "real time" is actually a kind of people for the good wishes of real-time access to information, real-time implementation by trying we can be infinitely close to the search. At present, many people are aware of the importance of real-time search. The current implementation of the major search engines are dedicated to real-time search. The network environment will become more and more real-time, as long as the network technology, real time will continue to develop. Nowadays, the real-time network represented by Twitter has become one of the most popular Internet applications. The SNS site will become an important source of real-time search, but I China judgment may not produce such as Twitter and Facebook website (refers to the scale and influence), personal judgment micro-blog may become one of real-time search a new source source. At present, China real-time search is not mature, as far as I know love Shanghai only during the world cup, with sea by "Box Computing" technology and the Aladdin platform provides real-time information updates. It is reported that love Shanghai has integrated some reliable real-time information sources. But after it has been no real time search information. But there is news that the love of Shanghai ".

then from the first point about it, how to better solve the problem of the user’s search engine no matter what time priority is the priority among priorities, how to better solve the problem? The future search engine will be more intelligent, so the first big constant trend is intelligent search what intelligent search engine? Intelligent search engine is a combination of a new generation of search engine technology of artificial intelligence. He can not only provide quick search, sorting and other functions of the traditional correlation, but also provide user registration, user interests automatic recognition, semantic understanding, content filtering and intelligent information push function. Intelligent search engine design goal is: according to the request of the user to retrieve the most valuable information for the user can be obtained from the cyber source in. This is what we call the intelligent search.


why Bill Gates would become the world’s richest man, a very important reason is that he mastered the trend, but Chen Anzhi says the biggest trend. This trend is very important, so we as Shanghai Longfeng personnel are most concerned about is the future development trend of search engines, or that the ranking algorithm. I will talk about my personal views today, look at the issue to look at the nature of the search engine is used to do what, love from the slogan of Shanghai (love Shanghai know) you can see a point, the search engine is to solve the problem, second points can also hear the name of love from Shanghai (all in the search he loves Shanghai, more than once I boast Robin Li name good search engine) the most important role is to find information. Of course, there are many applications of search engine, but it is the most important.

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