Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of Enterprise Station ranking down how to solve



content is king believe that this is the eternal topic of enterprise website, to stand in stable, does not fall, this is heavy. Search engines love the original fresh content, if you can search engine spiders every time, are able to crawl to the one and only content, then it will be more and more frequent. Frequent search engine spiders to your site, will also frequently updated snapshot, your website will increase, the overall quality of website will improve this website ranking will be more durable, not easily fall.

the construction of the chain every day as a day

spider crawling

space smoothly open

A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team basically every day will have some advice: "enterprise Adsense website ranking drop, unstable to do?" and so on questions, believe this will be the Shanghai dragon many people want to know, is a common stand for the enterprise website ranking drop, but how to solve how to stabilize the rankings,? The following A5 stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng) and we simply talk about the enterprise website ranking drop

how to solve?

high quality original content updated daily


chain is the foundation of an enterprise website, is a key search engine spiders crawling, whether the enterprise standing in the chain must be smoothly, the search engine spiders can crawl, which requires enterprises to stand at the beginning of the site will arrange the site within the structure of the internal structure, not easily the change of the site, to ensure that the site no chain, no spam links. To solve the problem of declining business ranking, whether the internal structure of the site is the first stable.

now bad too much, many websites in the selection of a first open space, very fast, very stable, but more slowly, often downtime, want to change the space, but also takes into account the stability of the site, for fear of causing trouble for the search engine, in fact, if the website often can’t open it, it should make a prompt decision a stable security space fast, otherwise the search engine spiders to crawl every time but can not enter the site next door, it would not come, and you will die.


chain website ranking factors accounted for 60%, therefore, the enterprise ranking dropped a relationship most of the chain and the site, although we all know, the chain should have stable quality, but often it would be a little difficult, few people will truly adhere to the increase in the quality and quantity of the same almost the chain to the site. Many enterprises station in the increase of the chain to the site, usually two days fishing, three days of drying can not adhere to the net every day like a day. Therefore, the enterprise station website if you want to make your own website ranking stable, or improve the website ranking, the chain construction site and do it well.

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