Love Shanghai SEO three core issues you must understand


first, love Shanghai no shortage of content is the lack of quality content. We know the web site after online, now and in the past have been optimized can not be mentioned in the same breath with, as long as the site before the line after no content, the title is the name of the company, may have a great chance to search to the user, but the website is not only to meet the requirements of users to browse the web content, but also to help users solve the problem, that is fine the contents of the so-called, because the development of the Internet now, all walks of life and their own web sites, web sites like Chinese population growth has been far greater than the demand, this is the reason why China to practice family planning, obviously is to enhance the quality of the population in Shanghai! Love is the same, in this case, judge key contents boutique is love Shanghai focus on site audit, not only to have a website and have content, The premise of content also further improve the quality of content, this process is raised step by step, the content quality is mainly reflected in the content is original, whether it is truly for customer service, professional degree and degree of authority, whether to help the user understand into pictures, video, etc. the diversified factors and these are elements of quality content, as a webmaster how to remain in the era of false original or Yan >

we know that the current site optimization of Shanghai is the largest position we love, a lot of time as a novice or veteran is worth mentioning, grad to love Shanghai, I love Shanghai in the search engine optimization also has more than four years, to feel Shanghai’s fickle and many times I play fast and loose. That love Shanghai is like a small woman, as long as you don’t violate the bottom line, this small woman is generally not easily angry, good, today I will talk about what I know. Shanghai search engine optimization you must understand the core problem, well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

second, Shanghai love don’t care about your website only care about user experience. With the escalating love Shanghai algorithm, the user experience is the word most topic we talked several times, through the algorithm to update the white paper recently released in Shanghai love we can obviously feel the love of Shanghai for the degree of attention of the user experience, the Internet is more and more in the development of web search engine, and therefore have more choice wide range of Shanghai, love is like algorithm for web site audit examination, just like the students what a high degree of user experience of the website, Shanghai will give priority to love the weight and ranking, which website user experience to do good, the spirit of customer service for the purpose of website construction and operation optimization, so these sites will be preferred valued love Shanghai, so I think the website user experience is the site assessment for the love of Shanghai is very important in a An index, as our own site, how to carry out talent shows itself site planning, construction and structural adjustment in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai love, including the late optimization should strictly comply with love Shanghai more details, so the user experience is that we won the first big love Shanghai favored.

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