How to get more traffic with long tail keywords


. Using their website long tail keywords to get traffic

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blog how to do long tail keywords, but also with the above methods about it, but we have to choose some kind of sexual, or joke class, anyway, is the type we all love to do long tail keywords, because the reason for this is to impress visitors, to facilitate their next time in the browse.

forum is also released our article, how to release it. To select the long tail keywords, such as "women’s taobao贵族宝贝 taobao贵族宝贝 Womens winter + New + taobao贵族宝贝 Womens winter coats" to publish articles, the most important point is that in the content, we want to add these words to us, is the best in the head and tail, because it is easier to love Shanghai or the search engines, the general large-scale forum is easy to included, so bring the traffic is very considerable.

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the use of long tail keywords to get the site keywords flow has been a problem of a lot of people do not understand, I also confused for a long time in a long time ago, do not know how to do, so now I will put my experience to share with everyone, hope that we can use the long tail keywords to obtain more and better flow.

two. Using the blog to do long tail keywords to get traffic

when we choose keywords, we should love the hot list of Shanghai index look today, then we have focused on analysis of the selected keywords, keyword search is often search for love in Shanghai, to do the long tail keywords. For example: a dead-alive person the popular movie, like a lot of people have seen, the long tail keywords how to do it, but this movie frequently updated Oh, and two weeks to update a set, we are more interested in what you are looking forward to playing the next set, then we should use this point to do the long tail keywords, such as the next Sunday to play a dead-alive person of fifth sets, then we should write on their website: fifth set a dead-alive person online watch this article, do most people will search you, because there are very few Internet users love to download movies, most people love easily online watch, so do the long tail keywords, the source of traffic is very large.

above is my summary, I hope we can make good use of Kazakhstan, is I practice personally, also hope that we can share their experience. The New Year wishes for new year.

Three experience

three. Using the large forum to do long tail keywords to get traffic

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