Keywords new sites on how to enter the home page for a week


do the weighting period or the maintenance of the station outside the station outside the station dual optimization, weighted to our most common links and a chain weighted station; analysis, through the search engine statistics data to change the user site damage site weighted experience is poor, high rate jumped out of the page.

A period of time the author Dennis here is a network marketing summit before

first, the new weighted lead, page ranking is very simple.

second, 301 permanent directional, bundled anchored "ranking.


this time through the analysis of network in the Shanghai Dragon God’s explanation, the author Dennis finally certainly within a week, will be the site keywords into Shanghai love home, by now the Shanghai Dragon technology is completely possible. Of course, this is not to say that hundreds of people search volume index, tens of millions of words, but the word refers to the general industry website or unpopular word, or those to the site of the long tail word drainage. Here I say a digression, you might think that the common words or popular words can not bring traffic to the site, unprofitable, it is wrong. After the data observation showed that the transformed enterprise website in 80% the rate is brought about by these popular professional vocabulary, so they can not be underestimated.


, Shanghai Dragon Master once said at the meeting will be a key words do love Shanghai home, it is no longer a simple matter". Of course, practice does not believe the book is to explain some of the instructions. But even so, the keywords within a week do you believe Shanghai love home,

301 redirect is a concentrated weight, when the website, domain name change is to redirect website 301 original weight transfer to the updated website. And we in the new line can be redirected to the new station when the 301 have the weights of the site, so new sites in the short term will have a rank. But effective 301 cycle is not fixed, and the time is proportional to the website weight itself, so that the data need to observe our own. While the 301 redirect is also very simple, usually in the space of service providers in the background have changed options, so is "fool", even if you do not understand the code, also can do a 301 redirect.

when a new album will have a special search engine to give the weight which participate in the rankings, but this time the search engine will be judged according to the quality of website site and page out rate time comprehensive data, a search engine does not conform to the user experience, it will be right down. And we have to do is take the weighted period to maintain, make the website keywords not steadily, after introducing other keywords.

The website

well, the website keywords put on the home page, there is a weighted advantage for the new station, this advantage will be part of the popular vocabulary in the new station will mention love Shanghai home, and later the fall is also because there is no reason to maintain good. We have the following specific analysis:

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