Shanghai Longfeng learning optimization process to choose what best books


such as "Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon art dragon combat code", these two books are really great help in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, belong to domestic website optimization early predecessors translation books will be relatively simple to understand. The search engine has more clearly is love Shanghai, we also have a lot of help, let you quickly enter the practice.

source: Guizhou Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.

believes that a lot of learning Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends all very much like to have a very simple and very comprehensive tutorial for their own learning. However, you will find any high quality tutorial can let oneself learn the most valuable things to learn, learning methods are often the most difficult thing most solid. In fact, small to give us advice is to read professional books, in fact, is the crystallization of the wisdom of Guizhou, once the network high to recommend several good books.

Finally, some

is the most high-end books to see professional literature, we can see some new research documents in the database, which is about how to search the basic principle of retrieval. These books are often the most difficult, the most difficult; of course, if you can learn these you will find for their great help.

introduce is advanced in the curriculum, for example, learn some programming, python language is very good; analysis of actual website and learn programming language can help you make some simple and repetitive work in the website optimization, particularly for his help.


is the first "search engine principle", which is the result of foreign language translation optimization books Shanghai Longfeng professional, tell you how to understand the content of the website is search engine, if the web page is analyzed, how to understand them; how to know the web page is about what content will sort it out to show to the customer search the. To understand the working principle of the search engine on your website optimization is a very big help, although it would be more trouble, more difficult, but very useful.

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