Through the soft track can have unexpected harvest


through the audit, we can analyse the trace hair soft, are what the site reproduced. After analysis, reproduced object roughly divided into: webmaster portal website and forum. The first to talk about the forum. The forum has the advantages of high popularity, the audience, to facilitate exchanges, more important is the forum discussion atmosphere, to see a good article, we will be reproduced to the forum and friends together to discuss and exchange. But now, the forum atmosphere has completely changed.

soft, found with a soft Wen is to replicate the probability of a forum with the forum is very large, some even reached more than 10 degrees in this article, A5, Chinaz, 28 and other large push forum is very serious. But if you look carefully you will find these soft text content reproduced is roughly the same, the difference is at the bottom of the links and the signature is replaced, replace the post of people want to show information.

share, there are media, a platform to show, and this platform must be large, there are a large number of users to browse, or not to share the effect. Where are you going? Since the site experience, go to the webmaster portal website, webmaster portal website at home are A5, Chinaz, TECHWEB, Donews, fast way, such as Ai Rui, any one of the above sites are veteran, whether to do publicity, or do the chain, the effect is very impressive.

as a webmaster, through the website operation and technology practice in a long time, will have their own experience and experience. Shanghai dragon as an example, we must first learn a lot of things such as dogma, title words cannot exceed 64 characters (32 Chinese characters), description of not more than 144 bytes (72 Chinese characters), the number of not more than 3 words and so on. However, as we walk through the efforts of the whole Shanghai dragon, a website optimization to love Shanghai home when the sea even fall in love with the first three, and then go back and think about it, we learn these in fact and the actual operation is different. This time, we will have the necessary Jingxiaxinlai write them down and summarize or share it, finally write their own things, always do no harm.

soft writing is almost compulsory for our webmaster, through the release of soft to the webmaster portal website, can get the same type of portal website reprint, in this way, we can easily get a lot of high quality chain. The premise is that you must submit the quality of soft Wen said in the past, or even if the audit pass, and talk about what

By tracking the was reproduced?

now, most of the people in order to send the chain, regardless of occupation morals, wantonly cut, others worked hard to write the article, through illegal means as its own, this is ignoble! This is one of the benefits of fast. After replacing the bottom link and sign post can quickly find a belongs to "own" soft, more than 10 pieces a day is not a problem. But, if so, I would like to ask someone, you.

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