Love Shanghai experience is that you choose the weight



I got some experience today in Shanghai love experience, through the. But check the chain, that has collected several of the chain, I thought this can get the weight from love experience in Shanghai, but never thought, I click on the link to go, and then view the source code to see my link, my heart is broken, this experience a few white do not use, why not? Please see below:

because of its high weight, because it is the love of Shanghai products, just a keyword can go home, at that time the Shanghai times dragon marketers are good use of it. But in addition we use it to do the promotion or the ranking of Shanghai Longfeng interests, of course, some Shanghai dragon they used it to do the chain in weight, here I want to tell you that love Shanghai experience is that you choose the weight, look at the following

you will know!

< a href=’贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/jingyan/5.html’target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’> 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/jingyan/5.html< /a > this code, you see, the nofollow connection, so that this link not assign a little weight, that is to say this connection can only be regarded as a link, the Shanghai experience is not to love in this connection a little weight.


love Shanghai in 2010 launched a new product "love Shanghai experience", is a shared life experience of the website. Have to say, love Shanghai new products are good products, superior natural weight, weight reached 8 (below). This is our Shanghai dragon big man is worth to use.

want to tell to attack Shanghai experience love students, do not think that love in Shanghai experience got experience has been called the weight of the weight given to you. Clear in Shanghai to experience the love, of course, if you want to engage in the chain and work related links, can of course, but I don’t think what effect, since the love experience of Shanghai did not give us the weight, we don’t need to go to the Shanghai dragon who love the experience of Shanghai Kung Fu! By (from where the members receive Master) 贵族宝贝3beian贵族宝贝/ original, A5 first, please keep the source, thank you for your cooperation! More than a purely personal point of view, if there are different opinions welcome that.

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