Local website promotion tips



3: the promotion of effective promotion website traffic through the QQ group inside the propaganda, certainly choose the QQ group if some of the local group, also can build some local groups, such as a group of tourism, culture and so on are able to give you a lot of traffic!.

7: irregular soft Wen to the owners of the house, it can give me a lot of quality of the chain, so as to improve their own website in search engine ranking above! Of course, there are many online promotion, the current mainstream is above seven kinds of methods, in fact, as long as we conscientiously do one of one or two which can give you a website to bring a great leap forward, sometimes not good! What.

6: the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know that the three love Shanghai brand to do marketing, this is a shortcut to promotion, after all the love of Shanghai account for 70% of the search market share, so the use of the products of Shanghai love can give their net station points, especially in love Shanghai created above their site entry, this can give you a great weight

5: the use of hot events to hype, such as local network in Hebei can take my dad is Li Gang events to hype, but Yunnan can hide the cat cat, and Sichuan will get cosmetic appear to wither life event marketing hype, it will cause a lot of people’s attention, to attract a lot of natural the flow of

4: the Tianya forum or mop贵族宝贝 forum to post propaganda website, this way is very traditional, content requirements for the posts are relatively high, so have the time to do the best, after all these high weight forum can bring you good ranking!

! ! online promotion

people say now is the website of local development in the spring, many people will switch to start the local portal site, because the current local portal competition is small, the risk is small, so do have great effect to make money, but no good profit model is not effective promotion is simply not achievable, but also for local website, so according to their own experience for everyone summed up some small cost return promotion methods, we hope to be able to help



2: the promotion and use of local university campus community network, after all the students are the main force of the network, also join the universities love Shanghai Post Bar promotion, such as local site recruitment channel, can send some messages to introduce some students resume writing skills, so as to improve the the visibility of the local site among the students of the

1: Daily website search engine optimization, every day to enter through the webmaster tools software entrance love Shanghai, Google and other search engines to see keywords ranking, and according to the statistical data analysis tool, and then in the optimization of the user experience of the website constantly, retain customers from the root, and constantly improve the site’s ranking!

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