Share my skills and experience in site was included in domz


fifth, we need to submit your site, when we submit your site to domz, describes some content can not be too long.

fourth, the website needs regular updates, only the updated content is more in line with the search engine, the latest content under the condition of domz is relative priority. The second point with some similar, only constantly updated website content, in order to enhance the website more effective number included, thus, the weight of ascension, now reach the target station can begin to take the necessary action.

a few days ago in the A5 forum diving, owners through the webmaster tools query and send a message to me that Google PR update, Google update more than the friend’s site and be domz included, is really. For the PR update believe that the webmaster friends are very familiar with, if you are not familiar with can be a good research and study to our Shanghai Longfeng drink. Here is some experience and feeling indexed by domz, now share to our webmaster friends.

first, website traffic can not be too small, because the actual flow of domz included with the website, in addition to domz and Alex related web traffic ranking and web traffic also has a relationship. Alex usually can use tools to brush the domestic rankings and ranking, but domz can not, if you want to know how to brush Alex rankings, as long as you love Shanghai, install several Alex tools, and then check your own website, Alex is easy to brush, then you also ranked high.


through the above methods, as long as you believe the site itself meets the above requirements within a month’s time, the website can easily be included in domz, I just submitted a few websites on my own, I hope the next time you exchange with you, the site has been domz category included.

third, the website will be included domz also depends on the PR value of the site, if the site’s PR value is low or very low, be included the possibility is very small, because the domz still has a certain authority in foreign and Google. The site itself PR the higher the value, the more with a weight of domz, domz included the site itself is a relatively high weight of the station.

second, the complexity of web pages, in general, the more complex web page more easily indexed by domz, why? You can say, domz love complex has the connotation of the website. Has the connotation of the website is a website, and then each project page can be very good for each other, to website content and page level coordinated layout.

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