Wang Tong Shanghai dragon industry now have a good chance


in the past ten years, I do Shanghai dragon in teaching, the most basic is the technology simple and responsible, the most important thing is that I taught them a completely different way of thinking with the Shanghai dragon, this way of thinking, there is always a chance. So, now play Shanghai dragon, where

1, love Shanghai search engine advertising left by

love the original Shanghai left 10 advertising, now only 4 of advertising, as a bid to reduce advertising, so natural ranking on the former, so the chance to get through Shanghai Longfeng flow and enhance the customer.

A, most of the sites are not as mobile phone version, it is difficult to obtain the ranking in the mobile search client, even if the rankings, experience is not good, the conversion rate is relatively low.

so now the whole play, Shanghai Longfeng fewer people, so competition is also small.

at the same time, the attention of the public in the end WeChat, WeChat search around the Shanghai dragon, is just emerging, but the WeChat search algorithm is very simple, natural opportunity is greater.

2, the Shanghai dragon industry market competition is reduced by

before 2010, most of the network marketing practitioners are focusing on the Shanghai dragon, so at that time is very competitive, now most of the marketing staff to focus attention to the new media.


WeChat has become a hand.

new opportunities in

is now 70% of the search traffic in the mobile terminal, but most of the sites are not mobile phone version, a mobile phone version of the website is mostly not Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this is also a good opportunity.

and B have made mobile phone version of the site, basically most of them did not do so in Shanghai Longfeng, mobile phone website Shanghai dragon competition is still very small.

now, the search volume mobile terminal has more than the PC side search, accounted for about 70% share of the search at the same time, the major search engines to mobile search results and PC end result is different, but the current situation is:


1, the mobile station of Shanghai dragon

at the same time, I personally think that following the current Shanghai Longfeng better than a few years ago, reason:

at the same time, Shanghai Longfeng owners that the earliest are now old, most successful, is not how to play the Shanghai dragon.


is now 70% of the traffic in the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal users every day but also in the use of search engines need to check their understanding of the information, so there is still a chance of Shanghai dragon

2, WeChat search Shanghai dragon

3, mobile phone website Shanghai Longfeng competitionbecomes more small

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