The website cannot open the ranking of the site


In fact, the

website also have good luck and bad, the bad luck is like brilliance, the same few sites he did not dig over the long time to open the impact, which can be calculated more when the love of spiders in Shanghai active site when the site not open to the more vulnerable and relatively less activity sites that spider web spiders don’t often go to you is great hope to escape the site open to you of the site, in fact, the reason is to see, is the active sites often have spider spider, the site open soon the spider will know, and those the spider is not active site, the spider to your site during the period of low frequency, you can’t open may spiders also will not come, so you will not have any impact on.

two: not all sites will be affected by

morning check, the following day before ranking:




three and

today to Bailian company websites for real cases about web site for a long time can not open web site ranking effect, the brilliance of the official website ( this morning to find the open, later that is due to the web server, and then began to slowly waiting for the process, as when published this article. The website finally opened, but let people be startled at:

industryIn fact, some owners also know that Keywords:


keywords ranking unstable

love Shanghai every update is different for different industry different order of words, some words itself there are a lot of destabilizing factors like the word Shanghai dragon is the change line >

can be displayed in the morning when I stand the core keywords — Zhengzhou website optimization is ranked in the detoxification of second, and the remaining words were also pointed out, ranking, website ranking all normal, at this time the site can not be opened by hair article website opened but the ranking changes are as follows a:

small hand has several web sites and found those who regularly open the website or slow to open the website they rank is generally not very stable, every time to the home page can not keep long will soon fall, then began a slowly climbing up the road, but those sites in general space stable faster for the next city ranking will rise steadily, and will gradually smooth the volatility is not the phenomenon, you do not know the webmaster friends have encountered a similar situation.

can see all the keywords are not ranked, which also contains the brand – Zhengzhou brilliance Information Technology Co. Ltd. website of has no ranking, it can be concluded that the space factors on the website ranking how:


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