To construct the website content and the chain and mechanism


chain like site between the vote. For example, the website A that B website content value, so the website A give B a chain that appears in the search engine is A recommended B to others, when the recommended votes more, a search engine that will B content in some words is really valuable. So the B ranking in the front row. Called, the webmaster idea is very simple, is used to improve the chain rankings. But the chain has obvious current algorithms and search engines advocated by the user experience as the goal conflict, in the present algorithm, there is no doubt that the chain is very important, but it is certain that the future search engine will change the chain to the site of various factors such as algorithm, a threshold, when the website original content etc. performance is not good, no matter how high the weight of the chain, also give its good ranking

first of all, from the current web site ranking algorithm to consider, the two position is very important. But now, in the eyes of the search engines should be more important is the chain. Simply, directly help a high quality original content on the ranking of a website, far less than a high weight of the chain for the website ranking help. But this is only the direct help, if you consider that a high quality of the original article number may obtain considerable reprint, especially by some high weight website reproduced, so as to get more the chain for the website ranking can help a lot more. On the contrary, even if a web site outside of the chain is strong, but because of the role of the chain is relatively monotonous, can bring more and more lasting high quality original content. At the same time, the website in the role of the chain is very important, the chain formed between the original content, the chain formed with the content of the collection, the role is obviously not the same. A simple example of the chain between two pieces of high quality original content, compared with two articles in the chain in the collection, because the search engine, the content of individual weight than the acquisition of high, within the chain within the chain of two weight weight so high weight content also must be higher than the low weight content.

The essence of the

to improve the site’s ranking, need to do a lot of work, in addition to some sites such as architecture, URL format, the basic template optimization work can be completed at one time, the time consumption of the rest of the work is in the process of Shanghai dragon, the most difficult to increase the original website content and the chain. But the two key factors of content and the chain which is more important? The following is a brief analysis of the content, and the pros and cons of the chain.

The following

from the aspects of user experience. For example, a web site with the chain again strong, but for its users, there is no substantive tasks to help. Users enter the site, this site is most concerned about what kind of content, content is new and original, to help yourself if you have, and don’t consider how the chain of the site. For example, relying on a strong chain, although in the website, search keywords into the website by the user, but found that the content of the website is very poor, for a long time.

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