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B2B writing is difficult. You will find yourself at the same time to explain and touting some complex mechanical products, but also to write a creative and persuasive. Shanghai Longfeng copy for B2B website is more difficult, following these tips may help you.

on the B2B website, a long article is a good thing, it gives you more opportunity to explain your ticket attributes and benefits, it gives you more to highlight your company’s products and services opportunities. A long article is good for the search engine, it gives the search engine better chance to judge the subject of this article and the depth of information. However, when you write a long article, don’t forget in the head and the tag in "H1", "H2" label on your keywords.

search engine will determine the theme of a page, don’t let them feel confused. The content of a page in the page keyword strategy. If there is more than one topic, best put them on different pages. Not in a multi page optimization is not relevant keywords.

note sequence

The attention of the

on the page use category noun. In most cases, B2B search more love search category nouns rather than brand name. The brand name is unique, so when the search brand name is easy to find your site. The use of brand names, but don’t forget as much as possible categories contain proper nouns.

for class

in the days when you were writing a page, it is best to know the long tail word B2B search may search. When the theme of a page to "transfer system", your target page should also write some words such as "distribution" and "classified" etc.. A good B2B- can correctly copy Shanghai dragon containing these long tail word.

long article useful


Don’t forget the long tail of

is a keyword using singular or negative results will be very different. When you search for "healthcare consultants" and "healthcare consultant", you will find that even if Google search results in the top five, you get the results are not the same. As long as you want to do rankings for which keywords, write them accordingly in the content (the same is true in the title tag).

in some cases, the order does not affect the PPC keyword. However, in the Shanghai dragon, big key sequence effects. Obviously, who do not want to use the text is not natural, but if your keyword research shows "LTL shipping" is more popular than "shipping LTL", be sure to use the text more popular in your article.


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