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. At each big forum post, the recommendation to others desperately. Of course sometimes hit a snag." But they will be based on the characteristics of the shop be arranged, and then summed up the key content should be recommended, go global forum. Through the discussion and the netizens, "

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2, this method is relatively simple and popular, is sh419 shlf1314 advertising alliance name plus a blank look at some of the comments we cheat, generally unpleasant website owners and advertising alliance, will sent his own experience, does not exclude competitors malicious slander, but this is very reference, oh, the Internet is such that you sing on stage, I take you down. The more you get the advice, the more likely you are to avoid being duped.

The service efficiency of

guest let many sellers to solve the difficult problem of promotion. A clothing sale owner told the author, a guest, shop turnover of more than the previous two times, "they are used in labor to make money, we get fame and money through them, both sides are good, Why not??" it is understood that in the Taobao online, Taoke no threshold and through the "Amoy promotion platform, any Internet users can help Taobao sales network, and earn a commission. Taobao has said it expects 1 to 2 years, the business will be more than one million people involved, will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for domestic. Amoy nearly a million after tax monthly income after tax monthly income of thousands, even part of Amoy million mark.

4, look at the innovation of advertising alliance, do website, generally pay attention to the user experience, ha ha, if there is advertising alliance, consider our station >

according to this understanding, when a guest promotion goods will get a promotion code, if users click on the actual code, entered the shop and bought something, then the guest account will get the seller to pay commissions. The Commission is generally 10% to 30% of the price of goods. Some people say do Tao Ke workloads, every day on the Internet only to send post, netizens recommend own often go to the shop, let more friends go to patronize. Now, how much money to her hand. As many friends, is to catch up with the good year for online shopping, and to facilitate transactions by netizens recommend shop, they tasted the sweetness.

first analysis of Tao Ke must have the conditions:

Tao do have so few categories:

yes, Amoy has now become a new generation of online part-time pronoun, not only need to shop, their own experiences to share with friends. Without strong venture capital, only need to have enough trading consciousness, can get their own commission from the shop there. The guest will become a promising occupation, or will become spam writers? Perhaps a free promotion way from sh419 Ali? Longhu to earn twenty thousand a week. Or more common, this is what I see in the guest online digital. This figure also reflects the ability of top guest.

3, see advertising, this is generally the case at the customer service and call response. Indeed, some time ago sh419 advertising alliance, found that 90% of the advertising alliance at night or on the weekend night no one, people are also small personal union, perhaps this, advertising alliance never thought the user experience, most of the webmaster is more active at night, is a night owl. Ha ha, maybe someone on duty will be better in the evening. Of course, the small league cheats Union on the line is not fixed during the day, this can be studied. Regular company work hours fixed, but no one at night, small league, then customer service online time is not fixed, we can understand.

1, usually see some advertising alliance evaluation network, indeed, the discerning eye can see, above a lot of advertising are their top their health, and. Say you feel sh419, shlf1314 and so on are inferior to them. The web site is God, and after you believe in registration, maybe another. On the other hand, advertising evaluation network is really own evaluation? Not necessarily, also offer a similar comment system is, let everyone anonymous evaluation, if you pay advertising costs, well, can give you good advertising, so advertising alliance evaluation network, is only for reference, ha ha, that they give yourself a message top of his league, perhaps it is not a good union, after all is not afraid of deep alley. Of course, here also does not completely deny the role of some advertising alliance evaluation network, at least give you a good reference.

National Day holiday for eight days, the Taobao deal will rise a lot. Want to do a lot of Tao guest friends, will optimize the gas flow, transformation, increase the income, now do Tao Ke of many people, but the real money is little, we have seen Ali official billboard, believe a lot of friends who are jealous, but we analyzed people how to flow do the flow is how to convert it, I believe many of my friends are not clear, here today I will give you a careful analysis, personal opinion, also forget friends more opinions.

as a webmaster, money problem can not be avoided but also the most realistic problems, in addition to some of the audience for advertisers is very simple, very accurate site, can get monthly advertising, most of the webmaster or rely on advertising to earn advertising fees. According to incomplete statistics, at present, China has large and small thousands of online advertising alliance, of course, there are some small pure fraud alliance. So many people alliance Tiao, looking for some reference and advice to select their site advertising alliance. But deceived by the league title malicious advertising costs can not be get There are plenty of people who. So how to select the advertising alliance? Choose from personal perspective to illustrate some suggestion, of course, is not perfect, please do not paizhuan.

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