Domain name remediation first battleFeline tinea refers to earn millions of years behind


CNNIC relevant responsible person said, Xiamen CEC Network services company’s behavior has seriously damaged the interests of consumers, disrupt the market order of the domain name registration. Once found other companies with similar behavior, CNNIC will continue with the business sector to the severely punished, to avoid damage to the interests of consumers, with the elimination of domain name registration market order.

yesterday, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released virus warning, said the recent uproar in the Internet "feline tinea" aka "silly cow" is using the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities to further enhance the power of the virus. Anti virus experts warn users of emergency fixes. It is reported that the virus behind the finger accused of annual revenue of 10 million.

industry insiders said that the government departments to regulate domain name registration behavior, increase supervision, is to stop the current foreign domain name registration disorder necessary. For a long time, due to the lack of supervision of COM domain name and other domain names, the illegal and illegal registration is serious, which has brought bad effects to our country’s normal domain name registration. The reform work of the Ministry of information industry is a necessary move to maintain the steady development of the Internet in china. Li Lan

it is reported that not long ago, Xiamen city Industrial and Commercial Bureau received a report of Xiamen CEC posing as CN NIC to sell? Foreign company management COM domain name to the user, and the user threat related domain name registration. Subsequently, Xiamen Industrial and Commercial Bureau to CEC issued a notice to stop posing as nominal CNNIC, seized thousands of copies of related contract and fax, and make a deal with the huge fines decision.

morning news recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of information industry held a "National Internet domain name registration service and management conference", the fake Chinese linked network information center CNNIC, the name of intimidation means to blackmail the user registration COM domain name registration taking Xiamen CEC Network services company has recently been Xiamen city Industrial and Commercial Bureau investigation. This is the confidence of the Ministry of production in October issued "on the strengthening of the Internet domain name registration service management notice", in full swing domain name registration since the rectification, the first industry and commerce departments to investigate the domain name registration bodies.

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