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"E – Tong" accidentally touched the school "Taobao Street"

will be creative on the class schedule, A

"it’s been a very hard time for us all these days. We have been planning meetings all night long. The turnover is sixty thousand yuan. I’m going to take out all my profits and give my partners a share bonus."." Liu Dongjie, a small boss, has long thought of giving rewards to employees.

"double 11" officially on sale, they in the management of student entrepreneurship studio is busy with orders to three o’clock in the morning, two or three hours of sleep and get up quickly pack stock, all day yesterday in the busy shipping.

for six months, the average monthly turnover of only seven thousand or eight thousand yuan, while "double 11" a day, turnover exceeded sixty thousand yuan, Minjiang University), Fujian Department of management, several self-employed students, "Le" bad.

Liu Dongjie said, "double 11" promotions, they aimed at electronic products, accessories, such as mobile phones, computers reselling little. "These big pieces are more expensive. We can’t spell big websites. We might as well work on accessories."."

team members are busy delivering

Liu Dongjie and partner for many is the student cadre, the president, their advantages of resources, the "double 11" pre-sale publicity creative printing to each class on the curriculum, curriculum of practical, everyone needs to look, will not be thrown away."

student entrepreneurship studio in the small warehouse

earned 20 thousand yuan into a part-time venture fund

started booking promotion

Liu Dongjie is a fan of electronic, as Fuzhou, in high school he often go to Lijia Electronic City "to run the market," the big moment, his classmates all know that he is "electronic", who is going to buy a mobile phone computer will find him. "I take them to buy in the past, they rest assured that the price will not suffer."." Liu Dongjie said he was free to help at that time.

a week ago

team members are busy in the start-up studio,

"very excited," double 11 "discount week, from a week ago to start pre-sale publicity, officially released yesterday, a day turnover of 60 thousand yuan." Liu Dongjie said cheerfully as he was busy delivering the goods.

prepares for the double "eleven", Liu Dongjie and the partners have been busy for a long time, order goods in advance and make propaganda.

by chance, he came into contact with school work

, a senior student in business administration at the Minjiang University)’s Department of management, Liu Dongjie, is the founder of the electronic shopping website. They are in the province’s six major universities, including Quanzhou Normal University, Fujian Medical University and so on, have agent point. Their start-up team has 8 people, in addition to one responsible for the technology is Fujian normal university students, and the remaining seven are Minjiang University) sophomore to senior students.

map provided by respondents

– reporter Chen Huijuan East

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