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"the whole development team is a rapper."." He told me: "if you want to join the team, rap is the first condition."."

The goal of


start-ups in Detroit are not literary enough. Most of the CEO aren’t rappers, and CFO isn’t a B-Box lover. But now that is here, is in Detroit, which allows you to talk freely to anyone in the world, and the audience can use props to cheer performers.’s strong competitors include LetsBeef and OurStage, but Torenberg believes will be able to stand out from the competition with its focus on live performance and user experience.

now has to go through invitations to verify that can only be used in one to one rap, and the Torenberg program enables to support viewers in real-time to watch rap sites.

people think rap is difficult, but like everything else, you can learn as long as you are willing to learn." CEO Erik Torenberg said: "there are 25 million more searches per month on how to rap than the guitar, piano, fitness, weight loss." is to allow users to enjoy the rap fun, improve their skills, and even compete in the real world by competing with friends or strangers on the internet. Maybe the next Eminem white rapper will be on the streets of Detroit.

practice can upload their work to the server and let users vote for the best. is currently in the Bizdom acceleration project, which is looking for start-up funds and developers. The team members are rappers and B-box enthusiasts, "Torenberg said." it’s a must."

      we are pleased to inform you that we are about to release a new feature that allows you to easily manage your ad unit in your AdSense account.

      this new ad management feature saves the settings of your ad units in your account every time you create a new AdSense for Content ad unit code. After you have in the advertising code added to a web page, when you want to modify the ad unit settings, you no longer need to reconstruct advertising code and re paste to the web, but can directly modify the AdSense account. For example, if you want to change the text color of a 300×250 medium rectangle advertising unit from red to blue, you need only a few clicks of the mouse in the account. Cool?! I hope this new process can be simplified to modify the function of ad units and saves you time:

      at present, the advertisement management function has not been released, we will launch this feature in the next few weeks, then we will be in the blog post to you said how to use this function. When you see the "manage ads" page in your account’s "AdSense settings" tab, it means you are already using the new feature. The page looks like the following picture:


this idea is cool, and the technology supporting performance is unusual: compensates for network latency issues and perfectly implements sound synchronization.


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