What is the core idea of the present stage of higherOpportunity and thinking of sharing economy and


for Wangzhuan research, at present mainly lies in the operational level, this is because the operation is one of the basic characteristics of higher maneuverability, leaving to study Wangzhuan on the lack of basic practice, empty theory there is no substantive significance for application in Wangzhuan, many articles and books, mostly for Wangzhuan to explore the methods and summarize the general law of the people. If we further study to ask Wangzhuan in this way what is the purpose, or that the methods and rules of Wangzhuan is fundamentally in order to solve the problems in the marketing of what? That is to say, what is the core idea of Wangzhuan

Jeremy · Rifkin the "zero marginal cost" in the book, the author writes: "things make billions of people through social network access point to point the way to create many economic and social co sharing. The Internet of things platform enables everyone to become a consumer and make every activity a collaboration. The Internet of things connects all of us to a global community, and the scale of social capital prosperity is unprecedented, making shared economies possible. Without the Internet of things platform, collaborative sharing is neither feasible nor implemented."

in the traditional economy, the business model is a centralized system. The center is called a broadcast mode, all users are all around this subject, we see the most traditional business models are of this type, such as manufacturing, website etc..



in order to better understand "de centering", let’s look at the shared economy first. On the sharing economy, science and technology to help small business public No.: xiaoshangbang has had a lot of original articles are discussed, such as "very thin Si fear, what may be a shared bicycle industry," did not understand "grey income sharing charging treasure? This is the bigwigs in the 5G era", "bet! Leave, layoffs and recrimination brush single, Pirates of the loss, ash yield, sharing travel way?", "sharing large numbers of electric vehicles, bicycle can copy shared hot?", "what are the shared economic mode? Read this is enough", "read the $50 billion valuation drops behind" etc.. Friends who are interested in you can search by yourself.



many people may not know exactly what to Wangzhuan, website promotion website optimization search engine rankings??? Internet advertising? Write soft? That is the higher

‘s understanding of the basic idea of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum is: by means of the Internet to better achieve the higher functions, and provide support to increase sales, enhance the value of Wangzhuan forum, to improve the overall competitiveness, that is to say, make full use of cyber source to create an environment conducive to the development of the business environment forum. There are a lot of opinions in the relevant information is the core idea — Wangzhuan is "to create the environment of online business". Here the so-called online business environment, refers to the forum, relevant internal and external environment and carry out online business activities, the development of Wangzhuan relationship is established and the process of the environment, these good relations, is a very fruitful wangzhuan.


until now, we have not yet final income directly with the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum together, but only consider how to create favorable conditions for the realization of this goal. This is why a lot of Wangzhuan forum while carrying out some basic Wangzhuan activity but did not achieve significant gains, because the foundation such as Wangzhuan website promotion just to provide effective information to potential users, Wangzhuan general method solves the problem of information transmission is mainly to achieve this level. Wangzhuan transfer from the information to achieve revenue and lasting competitiveness, there is a long distance between which there are a number of links, and not just the overall strategic forum to achieve a combination of marketing strategy.

time into 2016, sharing the application of economic and the blockchain began to speed, even to the point of madness, is typical of the bike sharing and bitcoin, sharing the influx of bicycle dozens of companies and billions of dollars of investment in the past half year, and bitcoin has created amazing record for 8 years millions of times increase.

clearly, the author described in the book "shared economy" includes many aspects: the Internet of things itself, sharing the economy and social networking. In this matter the prospect of network system, "replace the center of the structure of the past to the center of the mesh point, everyone is a" prosumer "grid sharing economy to replace the trading center of broadcast mode.

"Wangzhuan information transfer principle" is the basic principle of information theory to explain the general rules of Wangzhuan in information transfer, and the formulation and implementation of its application to guide the Wangzhuan strategy. In the online information transmission system, there are also information sources and channels of information dissemination, information receiver and other basic elements, however, due to the transmission of information online has its own characteristics, so the Wangzhuan information transfer system is not completely according with other system model. In order to obtain higher transfer model information, can learn from the basic idea of information theory, according to the characteristics of Wangzhuan information and transfer, the general communication model into the necessary correction. Wangzhuan the information transmission model show that in Wangzhuan system, marketing information and transfer performance as the main characteristics of the five aspects:


as the most sensitive sense of smell for a group of people, VC have very keen industry sensitivity, all changes into a data stream in the super VC eyes, in a shared economy and behind the hot chain block, to the center of the era is an irresistible trend. This trend will reach a climax in the era of Internet of things, all things Internet era, but also to the center of the more thorough of the times, and some even joked, communism will be born.

takes the shared economy field as an example

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