Yang Wenjian Hunan TV host Wang Han teaches you how to be a TaobaoHow much do you pay for acquiring


heard aiqing webmaster Jonathan has a habit, every day to see the news, when he learned from the news of a company in Beijing to produce a mask can prevent a flow of HINI, immediately from the company ordered 100 thousand. Each price is 18 yuan, the unified retail price of the market is 58 yuan. He.


hi Amoy, the more Amoy more happy hitao, this is Hunan satellite TV and Taobao cooperation website. Because they used to do SEO, the first direct search in Taobao, hey Amoy, found no one to do this station, SEO competitiveness is very weak. Take a look at the sh419 index, hi Amoy’s highest index is 6416, hitao’s index is 3664, the more Tao happy index is 5389, happy Taobao’s index 115540. Moreover, the competition of these words is too weak. It is a good choice to optimize these words for Taobao customers. SEOer, are you ready? First impressions are strongest first month before the water tower, oh.

business opportunity two: domain name investment

watched TV while having dinner tonight, and found that Hunan satellite TV opened a new program called "getting more and more happy", which gave me the first impression that Hunan was cooperating with Taobao. Feel very meaningful to look at, it is Ma Yun let Wang Han to Taobao do "Taobao guest" come. As an online human intuition, I think there should be a lot of business opportunities.

remember my friend said, "what is a person’s professional?" is what you see, what the industry is thinking of their own industry, this industry is your profession. A network person, not only stare at the network, stare at each big stationmaster net, forum. I said, if you see a message is from the forum, indicating that this information has no value, you can as a news to see on the line, but the really useful information is coming from your friends in the mouth. Now, I add, if this is what you see in other industries, maybe that’s what you’ve been digging into.

today, eyeball economy gradually decline, startups without income, how could people believe they can survive in the future? Of course, talk like valuation day dreaming! Investors also have their own small abacus when buying startups.

is now registered to good Larry, digital and short domain is not possible, but in a new event to register to the domain name, domain name, such as Xi Li Ge related pornographic related domain name. Of course, Hunan TV’s "the more Amoy more happy" will bring many new good domain name, I see the hey Amoy net, more Amoy more more happy and other related com net org domain names have been registered, but the CN has not been registered, it appears that the domain name investors are not optimistic about the CN. Search on the Internet for a while, the "Amoy more happy" last Sunday was held, some domain investors saw the program, in the first time rush the domain name.

PrivCo is a long-term concern for private enterprise investment institutions, its CEO Sam Hamad Sam Hamadeh said that this trend began a year ago, accounting for about 91% of the total number of acquisitions. "If a technology company has no income and no users, then its valuation will be determined by the value of each engineer," he said. Generally speaking, the value of each engineer is between $750 thousand and $1 million 500 thousand. Facebook knows the truth. A series of acquisitions last year belonged to this model. And this has led the wind of the industry

perhaps, this may sound some matter, but the investment market is flooded with all kinds of things not according to common sense, for example, some startups had no income, or no users, even their products are not, but there are big investors are willing to buy at high prices. So, the analogy I make above can be said without exaggeration.

, for example, the latest form of acquisition deals with semi acquisition acqui-hire, the acquisition of a company in order to obtain their employees.

Beijing on April 8th news, according to foreign media reports, "New York Times" a long-term focus on the acquisition of startups dynamic editor published a blog post today on the website, elaborated his views on the current investment market.

below is the main content of the article:

business opportunity one: SEO do Taobao guest


bought a startup, how did investors figure out what prices should be quoted? I had my own vision. In my opinion, it’s like investment institutions several executives discussed in the meeting room, each in the paper to write down his idea of numbers, put it in a hat, randomly selected by CEO, and then bought it is decided.

Abstract the past attention to eyeball economy, now pay attention to the real deal, according to Hamad’s estimation model, the valuation of start-up companies will be decided by the value of each engineer.


but we should also be objective, because some investors are more sensible. In the Internet bubble 1 era around 2000, there are still rational investors in the market. At that time, the ability of investors to attract user attention to science and technology industry start-ups to value it, for example in April 1999, Broadcast was acquired by YAHOO for $5 billion 900 million per user may bring to the company’s revenue is estimated at $10000.

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