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classic case: YY was founded in April 2005, listed on NASDAQ in November 2012, is currently the largest Internet platform provider Chinese language and the world’s largest provider of speech team. In 2006 to get $1 million angel investment Lei Jun has YY voice, togetherness era, play the game network, YY game operation, YY education and YY entertainment platform. As of December 31, 2014, the company’s market capitalization of more than 3 billion 700 million U.S. dollars, Lei Jun holds 214 million 890 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 19.4%, investment returns of more than 120 times.

by the end of 2006, Lei Jun invested 2 million yuan to invest UCWEB officially renamed UC browser in May 2009, accounting for 10% of the shares. In March 2013, Alibaba received $506 million in strategic investment, UC excellence, from the original shareholders of UC excellence


in fact, as early as 2004, that is, the successful transformation of excellence to Amazon Lei Jun completed the transition from entrepreneurs to angel investors. To 2010 this time in 2008, resigned from the post of CEO Jinshan Lei as an angel investor, a portfolio of some 20 companies, including joyo, VANCL, Kara, the Great Wall, UC, Youshi play, Le Amoy and cattle, almost all of these companies in all aspects of good development and established his position in their respective fields. In 2014, Lei Jun was first selected by Forbes, China’s top 50 venture investor rankings, ranked twenty-sixth.

many people believe that the key to the future of the car is in the hands of Tesla, Wei, automobile, car and home enterprises.

doesn’t seem to regret leaving the car home. "You pick something and you lose something."." "For me, choosing to be a smart car is more of a pleasure."

, however, and Li Xiang seems to be more love than cars, entrepreneurship itself. He wants to prove himself again through cars and homes and complete the transition from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

investment philosophy: Lei Jun has shared his experience in public speaking, that is, "do not vote" and "only vote."". He said that investment only invest acquaintances and acquaintances acquaintances of these two relations, and only cast non investment projects. "I don’t care what you’re doing. I think in China today, there’s a lack of execution, not an idea." Such as Sun Taoran, Kara UC as Yu Yongfu, the good Doctor Wang Hangjun is Lei Jun’s friend, where is the old old colleague youpin. Third investment experience is Lei Jun help is not chaos, he advocated "let entrepreneurs have enough sense of ownership", "investors should establish the absolute trust of entrepreneurs, and allows entrepreneurs to make mistakes".

NetEase Technology: cars and home made cars, when to market?

on the eve of the 2016 NetEase technology summit, NetEase science and technology reporter dialogue Li Xiang, to analyze the force behind him. And Li Xiang, can you succeed again,

automobile industry is very large, very complex, I a person could not do a good job, I don’t need to move down a management help if I listen to them, but to find and care for consumers and businesses can take charge as chief of the organization, enterprise culture of the people.

?When the

NetEase Technology: it’s been a year since you left the car house and started cars and homes. What have you been doing this year?

Abstract: Lei Jun has shared his investment experience in public speaking, that is, "do not vote" and "only vote"". He said that investment only invest acquaintances and acquaintances acquaintances of these two relations, and only cast non investment projects. "I don’t care what you’re doing. I think in China today, there’s a lack of execution, not an idea.

we have four partners now. Ma Donghui former president of the 31 body Research Institute responsible for the development of the car, from design, engineering, manufacture, experiment to process his responsibility; Shen Yanan former vice president of Lenovo is responsible for the supply chain, manufacturing and overseas markets; immediately recruits a CFO, responsible for financing and financial services; to be responsible for me consumers, corporate strategy and human organization.

outside the car and home, Li Xiang also invested in BITAUTO Founder Founder Li Bin Wei to car, the more high-end positioning; in addition, Li Xiang or Dallas electric investors.

Lei Jun angel investment

in order to achieve this goal, Li Xiang in the past year to find three partners, "the car industry is very large, very complex, I can not do a single person."." But the entrepreneur, who has been dropping out of high school, thinks the electric car will be a great opportunity for him and that all his experiences in the past can be enjoyed in the car and at home.



Li Xiang: after I set up a car and a house last year, the first thing I did was to build the company’s infrastructure such as water and electricity, etc. to build HR systems, legal systems, financial systems, etc.. When they were established, I thought with the team why I started this business and started building our corporate culture, and then looking for the core venture partner.

left the car home, Li Xiang built his own little kingdom somewhere else.

is a start-up company that has only been established for a year, the car and home have already raised 2 billion 500 million yuan. Li Xiang said the money would be used to build an electric car that most consumers would like to buy".

A year after

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