Youku’s 3 hour network concert


Youku spent three hours today on a live webcast of the so-called interactive concert between 7 and 10. It feels very repetitive. Not without any notice because, or perhaps a warning but I didn’t notice, but at least not my head of my group "that was, began to find the thought that is in the pop-up advertising window, because the tips of the Nokia, so the habit of opt out, but did not see the home page, and then try to open the site is still the same, so that the original is like this ah, do not know straight to me this is what kind of user experience to others is what kind of user experience.

with "a psychological", look at the so-called interactive concert promotion. Through this Youku Zigong, unfortunately, in the 10 point has been the end of the concert I wait for a long time to finally see a confused man or woman’s brother, pinched the tonedeaf. Let people listen to the sick in drinking a voice, the first to hear the lyrics, could not find a quasi song. If you can call it the words of songs, then I want to rush to the screen and cut him a few fists down.

I don’t know why Youku so impulsive, do not know how to Nokia to make Youku Youku from the palace of the silver, think:

everyone likes this kind of concert.

all people like this interactive form.

because of this concert, Youku’s brand value added and traffic upgrade.

is a multi content video sites are in a mess, crudely made of the so-called network concert from the palace for 3 hours, the price is worth? We shall, perhaps only Youku own statistics can explain. Just to be sure, in this three hours, it is the choice of many, Sina, six, 56, six rooms or even youtube. Learning Valley starter, charging learning on the valley

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