Today P finally broke through the ten thousand mark and wrote about my experience


is happy today and a little lost, happy because do stand a year today IP finally broken, lost because the girlfriend is not happy today, skipped school to play with me by her family in the know…… Well, let me tell you about what I’ve done. I can’t say what I can do about it.

this year, a total of two sites, the first: non mainstream 94fzl. Com (has been transferred) to do this station, because beginner, but great trouble, I will describe below. QQjay webmaster (Ben Rainbow) is my good friend, ferial the best

‘s friend, here I’d like to thank him for a moment, because he helped me so much that I could have been the first person I’ve ever met. The "noble" people say I’m a bit superstitious, hehe, I believe it, because mom and dad said, we have to constantly strive to succeed in the process of continuous efforts, it would have been honored to help you, and then through the elegant pointing, coupled with their learning time for success it will belong to you! Hey, paoti, back to the point when I see the QQjay website, I think he is very good, you can do a website, it is not simple, very admirable, so very envy, then there is an impulse: I want to be a part of my own the site, let oneself also meet, under the great (because at that time only know the website construction is not clear, the website can make money, do you have a personal website traffic good, the desperate) after the interrogation, I didn’t know Road, the original good website can not only make yourself great, satisfy their vanity but also to make money, do stand impulse is more powerful, so I try on Baidu search of some relevant site topics, start up their own. One day accidentally found the PowerEasy network, after a careful observation, I know, need to build platform, the need for CMS, then I downloaded a PowerEasy procedures, he started in the local test and modify, in my test and groping forward, met N problem some are very difficult, and some is also very simple, simple question I will use Baidu Search, basic can fix, difficult problem, I ask QQjay (stupid Rainbow) my best friend.

after I made the work in a week is finally fix, learn from the PowerEasy background template on the call, call the column and so on, do the time really very excited, hastened to tell my mother, let her first to see me do website, see a mother said, well, son will do, the future will certainly be in the website of this piece do not resist! Excited me, then told me the good friend qqjay, came to him, he looked for a moment, said *& $%…… % $$%& **& # in said a lot, eventually mean that my shortcomings, and told me to do what you love, do you love the theme.

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